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Balanced diet (Essay Sample)

Please make sure the question has been answered not too much elaboration needed. Standard essay format, using a standard font and 12 point type size-no fewer than 300 words in length-read your answers and proof for content, misspellings, and grammar. Only ONE reference can be used and MUST ONLY be this book : Psychology For Living: Adjustment, Growth, and Behavior Today 9th Edition, 2008 ISBN: 0-13-222447-X Karen Grover Duffy and Eastwood Atwater Publisher: Prentice Hall Essay is: Discuss what makes for a well-balanced diet. source..

Balanced diet
A balanced diet simply means getting the right type and adequate amount of food and drink in order for energy supply in the body that is required in maintenance of body cells and tissues. Energy facilitates normal growth and body development. To make a well balanced diet means eating food from all the four main groups, this will enhance the body functions in both physical and psychological function.
Proper brain functioning and good mental health can only be maintained by a well balanced diet, reason being; brain composes of fatty acids, complex carbohydrate, amino acids and all other food required by the body. Complexity arises because the body does not produce these foods internally and solely depends on food consumed by the person (Kraven Grover, 2008).
Meals should have a high percentage of carbohydrate to increase energy production. Fruits and vegetables provide the body with vitamins, mineral and fibers with a low percentage of fat thus regulating increase in weight with the ability to burn a lot of fat consumption ratio should be a third. Protein, calcium and varieties of minerals can be obtained by consumption of milk products. Proteins minerals enhance healthy and strong bones and teeth and consumption ratio should be a sixth daily. Sugary food should be eaten occasionally due to a high percentage of fat, sugar and salt; chocolate and biscuits are examples of sugary food. For balanced diet to be maintained saturated fat happen to be the most preferred with a total of 20-35% calories a day.
Water consumption of about (1.2 liters) daily completes balanced diet. Water prevents dehydration in the body, dilutes the toxins and waste products in the body and supply of nutrients and oxygen around the body is facilitated by water.
Healthy eating has always been recommended in order to fight the deadly diseases that emerge due to the type of food consumed by an individual. Expert points out that balanced diet ...
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