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Discourse Community Ethnography: English (Essay Sample)


Revise it please:
Here's some feedback for your discourse community ethnography:
I think you chose an interesting discourse community to analyze, and I think you have a lot of potential for this paper. I also think you did a great job describing the potential conflicts that students in the English-intensive program may experience.
Can you describe any particular situations in which a conflict has arisen within the English-intensive program? How was the conflict resolved?
Remember that part of this paper requires you to interview a member of this discourse community (either a student or an instructor, or both). I think that you should contact a former or current student or instructor at the institution and conduct an interview in order to gain more detailed information about how the community functions. How do members of the community use writing in order to get things done? What kinds of words and phrases are in the institution's lexis, and what do those words and phrases do?
Also, I noticed that you include several in-text citations that don't really do anything (such as "Nystrand, 1982" on your first page). Most of your in-text citations aren't really referring to anything within the body of your paper. I don't think you should include in-text citations in the body of your paper unless you have a specific reason for doing so (such as quoting or paraphrasing a phrase from that cited source). If you're confused about the purpose of in-text citations, come and talk to me, and I will help you.


Discourse Community Ethnography




Even in an English intensive program, there are those who still use their non English first languages while at school, while neglecting to focus on better English language skills, yet more effort, knowledge and experience can improve the way they communicate. For instance, the Spanish speaking community in Colorado, Boulder has increased and students who primarily use Spanish at home follow up on this at school and this creates conflicts since all written and spoken communication is in English. To deal with this, the learners are provided more written assignments when a need arises, and this improves their prose and readiness use English. Students agreed that their progress would be monitored and they would get feedback on the most common errors and grammatical mistakes. It was notewort

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