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Disciplinary Contrasts in Student Papers (Essay Sample)

For writer Robert: (I will additionally e-mail 2 articles) PART III: Write the Essay - The introduction should name the student writers, the two paper titles, the classes the papers were written for (if known), and where the papers were published. Identify each paper by genre and explain that you comparing and contrasting these genres. Your thesis should list the areas of similarity and differences. For example, “These papers are similar in format and references, but very different in rhetorical situation.” See Lunsford pp. 80-81 for help with introductions and pp. 58-60 for help with thesis statements. - You may use sub-headings to help organize your paper if you choose to, but this is not required. - Be sure to compare/contrast the two papers in all three areas above – rhetorical situation, format, and references – but some sections may be longer than others depending on how many similarities and differences there are. Focus on what you find to be most significant. - Each body paragraph should be about the same length, and no body paragraph should be longer than a page. See Lunsford pp. 68-80 for help with body paragraphs. - Avoid summarizing the content of the student paper. Focus on the questions in Part II instead. Include specific examples from the texts ONLY as needed in answering the questions. - This paper should not include personal experience unless you would like to refer to what you already know about the format or expectations for this type of paper. - Your conclusion should reiterate what you found most significant, but shouldn't repeat your points word for word. You may make a personal connection here if you choose, focusing on how often you have written in these genres or when you expect to write in them in the future. See Lunsford pages 81-82 for help with conclusions. - Word choice and sentence structure should be formal and academic. Include a complete citation for both student papers in a style manual of your choice (see Lunsford and links in SacCT Class Files). Include a word count at the end. 750 words minimum. Post your paper here for a peer review. source..
Ahmed Shaher
English 20
Sep 20th
Disciplinary Contrasts in Student Papers
Nastassia Rose Lopez has written a cover letter to the Academy of Arts and Services seeking to get an experience in the entertainment industry and learn some basics of the craft. The genre of this document is a cover letter written by a first year student at the University of Stanford. The paper written by James Kung is reflective statement and he describes his strengths and weaknesses after joining the Writing and Rhetoric class. The format and references of the two documents are similar but there is a major difference on their rhetoric situation. The format of both documents resembles a letter with addresses to the intended recipients. Kung`s document contents were an explanation to the lecturer explaining his progress while Lopez wrote to the director with an aim of being admitted in the institution.
Both documents have several similarities which are evident in reference to the format which was used when compiling them. In the introduction, Lopez begins by introducing her personal attributes, the level of her education and her main objectives of entering the entertainment industry. On the other hand, Kung uses the same format when he describes his strengths and weaknesses in essay writing and had difficulties on progress he had throughout the term. The only difference on the introduction format is the fact that Kung has not described his objective nor is he attempting to gain entrance to any institution. Both documents resembled each other on the contents which they had.
Both documents are descriptive in relation to the subject that they wrote on; each of them ensured that contents of their documents were consistent to its theme. Lopez document wrote about her passion on writing and the achievements which she had. While, Kung concentrated on the difficulties at the beginning of the semester when he was working on his research paper, the main challenges was on how he could select the thesis statement and he had to revise it several times.
Reference is another aspect where both documents are similar. In the do...
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