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Differences between academic writing done by scholars and researchers and that which students are obligated to do (Essay Sample)

hi hopefully you are fine i want one page of essey which is 250 words and the essey should be in answer to the following question base on the chapter 1 and chapter 2 that i will attach for you. the question is: as a careful reader of chapter 1 and chapter 2, what is the most significant difference between the academic writing that scholars and researchers do and the kind of writing you have been obligated to do as a student to date? so please read thorugh both chapters and write the essey and also i need to have a good manner, right spelling, right grammer, good punctuation. good dictation, great ideas and good argument and i should be able to convey an insight to the reader if you have any question please contact me cheers thanks in advance source..

Differences between academic writing done by scholars and researchers and that which students are obligated to do
Academic writing
Academic scholars and researchers do a unique kind of academic writing from what students are obligated to do. The differences vary in length, discursive, depth, and detail. Scholars and researchers do an in-depth and discursive writing. Students are obligated to do a concise and straightforward writing. In most cases, scholars and researchers use primary sources because they write in their fields of study. Students are obligated to use secondary sources because their writing is generally based on previously published studies. However, not all academic writings done by students are based on previous writings by researchers and therefore, they do more than summarizing the work of scholars.
Scholars and researchers strive to give additional knowledge in their fields of study through analyzing their previous findings. Students however use these findings to answer their research questions, solve academic problems, or test hypothesis. Scholars use consistent method of documentation when citing sources. This may vary with student level of writing. Scholars use endnotes and footnotes to support their studies. Their style and voice of writing is analytical and objective because their findings are based on their research and is in their own words, contrary to the student writing refe...
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