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Common Causes, Possible Complications and Management of Diseases (Essay Sample)


Describe the common causes, possible complications, and management of each of the following.
a) The common cold
b) Diaper rash in infants
c) Diarrhea in young children
d) Earaches
e) Stomachaches in young children


Common Causes, Possible Complications and Management of Diseases
Common Causes, Possible Complications and Management of Diseases
The Common Cold
Common Causes
Viral infections cause the common cold that mainly infects parts of the upper respiratory system in human beings. Different varieties of viruses, including coronaviruses and rhinoviruses, cause the common cold, making it one of the most common types of infectious diseases.
Possible Complications
The common cold usually disappears and clears out without necessitating the need for medicine, but in some cases, complications may occur. Viral infections can cause the spread of bacteria in the respiratory system causing severe problems in the patient. For instance, acute bronchitis may occur when the bronchi in the lungs become inflamed due to a viral or bacterial infection. Apart from that, pneumonia may occur in instances where alveoli in the lungs become filled with fluid, mainly due to a bacterial infection.

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