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The Importance of Ethical Lenses (Essay Sample)

Write a 350- to 700-word reflective statement that defines your personal ethical viewpoint. Include what you learned through the Ethical Lens Inventory: - Your preferred ethical lens - Your blind spot - Your strengths and weaknesses - Your values and the resultant behaviors Answer the following question: How might you use your personal ethics to determine a course of action? source..

The Importance of Ethical Lenses
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The Importance of Ethical Lenses
Doing right when dealing with other people has become the norm in modern society; ethical integrity entails all a person does to influence a positive outcome. A person with exemplary morals and a strong character can be referred to as a person of integrity. Furthermore it is accompanied by leading a straight and honest life. Consistency is vital in ethical integrity. A person cannot behave well for just a period of time and choose to misbehave for another period. One has to be honest throughout. As human beings, we are never same, and our thinking patterns are diverse. Therefore, it is advisable to understand others when making decisions as it helps a person respect other people`s point of view. Ethical Lens Inventory is designed to help a person improve their personal integrity (Baird, 2012). It helps a person understand the important values to them and from there a person can identify their weakness or strength. Knowing them can help me understand ethical issues and learn to resolve issues surrounding me.My preferred lens is rights/responsibility lens. I say this because when I am faced with a problem, the first thing I do is to think through the problem through and through. I analyse the pros and cons of the problem before settling on the best action I think is appropriate for the problem. The telescope symbol of the lens encourages me a lot. With a telescope a person can be able to scrutinize the finer details that seem very far from reach. From there I can adopt the correct strategy because I have the right information and I know the safest path to travel. However, I do find myself over-analysing things. Sometimes I find that I take a lot of time analysing a small problem whose solution isn`t farfetched. It is time consuming and at times it has cost me a lot. Sometimes too, when I analyse issues critically I find many solutions to a problem. The problem presents itself when I actually have to choose which solution to adopt. I also identify with the result lens which is represented by a microscope. Sometime I need my intuition to make sure that my answer is affirmative and is fair as possible. It usually helps me because I find that I take control of the situation around me nearly always. I also find that I agree with people most of the time because I also consider and protect their opinions. However, on the weak point I find that sometimes I fail to comprehend that not everyone thinks like I do.These Lenses have made me always believe that am always right -even when sometimes am wrong- and I never make mistakes. This has turned out to be my blind spot. Sometimes I over exaggerate on wanting to do the right thing. It has also occurred to me that most of my friends always depend on me to make decisions on their behalf, and when I fail to factor them in they become r...
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