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Dealing With Diversity In The Workplace Research Paper (Essay Sample)


In our english class they asked us to submit a one page statement (in memo format) in answer to the question. Our topic is racism and the need for managers to display cultural intelligence in managing interpersonal relationships.
In an era of questionable practices at the highest level in our society as regard to both immigration and discrimination, we need to be aware. We need to contribute to a better world by applying this awareness.....
We will explore this subject drawing on many sources both contemporary and historical. More details will emerge and you will have the opportunity to discover a topic/perspective of interest to investigate....Some of our sources include the contemporary work of Tim Wise, Spike Lee and the historical work of Frederick Douglass, W. E. B. Du Bois, A. Philip Randolph and many others....stay tuned.
Tim Wise: "White Like Me"
View the video above . Question: How should managers deal with diversity, with race in the organizational environment?


Dealing with Diversity in the Workplace
Date of submission:

TO: Human Resources Managers
FROM: Andrew Pearson, Chief Executive Officer
DATE: May 2, 2017
SUBJECT: Dealing with Diversity in the Workplace
Market research shows that it is not easy to run a successful business without incorporating diversity in the workplace. When a company embrac

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