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De Jure Discrimination Suspect Classification (Essay Sample)


You have 10 IDs to define and explain the significance of, Include a full, coherent definition and an explanation of the political significance (how does this thing/concept/person) impact power relationships or shift power or change the narrative about who wins and who loses. Remember that while this is open book, open notes, you can only use the textbook. Do not do further research!! It won’t help you. I gave a number of examples of definitions and significances in class so study your notes. Do not write more than a paragraph on each. ( Remember Must not be finding from the online!! Have to read and Use the file PPT I upload, Must be use the own words) You don't need to wirting like the essay, just like short answer for every ID should be good.


Question and Answer
De jure discrimination :
De jure discrimination is the kind of discrimination which occurs because of a written law. That is poor treatment of people based on their shared characteristics and this treatment is based on the legal system. They were laws passed by the congress to discriminate on color grounds. This is in contrast with de facto discrimination that usually occurs because of social norms in spite of the law. In De jure laws can be struck down to end the discrimination. This means the oppressed minority enjoys their rights should it be struck down but the white majority continue to reign over the Blacks when De jure discrimination exists.
This is the representation of human beings who were denied of their rights and were used and owned by the Southerners. The aspects affected the African American where the white race was considered more intelligent than the African American and hence they were superior. Slavery has been observed to be the original sin of America. Those who were enslaved it was a tragedy and those who owned slaves they were affected morally.
Suspect classification :
Suspect classification occurs when certain laws are meant to make people feel different based on their race or color. Treating a particular race differently through laws make the race targeted to become suspect classification. In most cases, these actions are done for the white supremacy to gain power over the African Americans for social benefits. Thus, those who become classified lose and the government making the laws, which are mostly, run by white majority wins. it helped in scrutinizing the laws that were discriminating. Becoming a suspect class means that not only will laws discrimination against you will be struck out even those that are discriminating in favor of end up struck down.
Jim Crow law :
As the South experienced more oppression of the black people, the Congress tried to neutralize the position by passing the 14th and 15th amendments that were meant to provide equal, citizenship, personal protection to all who were born in the USA. The White who benefited from the oppression act responded to the amendments by presenting the Jim Crow Laws. Jim Crow law is a term used to refer to the laws that legalized segregation based on race. These laws restricted African Americans at the South the right to vote and were supported because they recreated the power relation of slavery and they blocked t

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