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Darkling Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay (Essay Sample)


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Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan is a blood analysis technician for the Metro-Dade Police Department. Dexter spends his days trying to figure out how crimes played out based on the blood left at the scene. Dexter has great instincts when it comes to these crimes, especially serial murders. Everyone thinks Dexter is a geek, who just happens to come up with lucky guesses. However, many of Dexter\'s guesses are based on experience. When Dexter is not working for the police department, he engages in his own dark fantasies. Dexter is a serial killer.
When Dexter was a small child, he was discovered at a crime scene by a police detective. Dexter is adopted by this police officer and his family. As a teenager, Dexter begins to indulge in dark behaviors, such as killing neighborhood dogs. When his foster father, Harry, learns of this, he confronts Dexter. Dexter confesses to a dark desire to kill. Instead of putting Dexter in therapy or turning him over to the police, Harry decides to help Dexter to learn how to use his dark side in a positive way. Harry teaches Dexter to only kill people who deserve to die, such as other serial killers. Dexter also learns how to fake emotions in order to help him fit in. Dexter is empty inside, and he often does not feel the same emotions that other people feel. Therefore, Dexter has learned to pretend so that other people will not see how empty he really is. In this way, Dexter is able to hide his sociopathic nature. Dexter even has a girlfriend, even though the idea of sex does not appeal to him.
Dexter has no memory of his life before Harry Morgan found him. However, when strange murders begin to take place and the killer seems to have taken a strange interest in him, Dexter begins to work on instinct. Dexter is fascinated by the other killer\'s bloodless techniques and by the idea of finding this man and killing him himself. The closer Dexter gets to the killer, the more he begins to feel a connection to the man. Finally, Dexter discovers exactly what that connection is. The killer is a brother Dexter did not know he had.
Deborah Morgan
Deborah Morgan is Dexter\'s foster sister. Deborah has grown up in the shadow of her cop father. Deborah wants to be as good a cop as her father was; however, Deborah has been assigned to vice and spends her nights trying to catch men soliciting prostitutes. It is an unsatisfying assignment, and Deborah would much rather be a homicide detective. Unfortunately, promotion in the police department is based more on political ability than detecting skills. Deborah is a talented police officer; she simply does not have the patience or the charm to play the political game.
Deborah knows that her brother has certain instincts when it comes to serial murders. When prostitutes are targeted by a serial killer, Deborah begs her brother to help her solve the case in order to earn a promotion. Dexter is reluctant because he finds this killer fascinating. Dexter thinks the killer is a master, who has a great deal to teach him. Dexter would like to catch the killer himself so he can talk to him before he kills him. However, Dexter feels that he would love Deborah a great deal if he could feel emotions and that Harry would want him to help her. Dexter begins working the case with the hope of helping Deborah solve it.
Deborah makes several big discoveries on the case, but she is overshadowed by Detective LaGuerta, who dislikes Deborah. Deborah seems to be getting no where. However, Deborah discovers a video that shows the killer. Unfortunately, the man in the video looks like Dexter. Deborah is prepared to turn her brother in, but is kidnapped by the real killer before she can. Dexter goes in search of his sister, once again because he knows it is what would be expected of him. When Dexter finds his sister, he also finds his long-lost brother. The brother wants Dexter to help him kill Deborah, but Dexter refuses. When all is said and done, Deborah has become aware of who Dexter is and has made the decision to protect him, just as her father had done.
Harry Morgan
Harry Morgan is a police detective, who found Dexter at a crime scene. Harry takes Dexter in to his family and raises him as his own son. When Dexter is a teenager, Harry discovers that he has sociopathic tendencies. Rather than seek help for his son, Harry embraces reality. Harry knows that Dexter is going to become a serial killer no matter what anyone does to stop him, so instead Harry teaches Dexter how to indulge his darker side in a way that will keep him from getting caught. Harry teaches Dexter all he knows about crime scenes and how to make sure he does not leave any evidence behind. Harry also teaches Dexter to only kill people who deserve to die, such as other serial killers. Finally, Harry teaches Dexter how to get along in society without revealing his lack of emotion.
Harry becomes Dexter\'s moral compass. Every time Dexter is faced with a situation in which he does not know how to act, he thinks about Harry. When Deborah asks Dexter to help her find the Tamiami Trail killer, Dexter does not want to. Dexter would rather find the killer himself and then kill him. However, Dexter realizes that Harry would want him to help Deborah, so he does. Later, when Deborah is kidnapped by the killer, Dexter is faced with two dilemmas. The first is whether or not to search for Deborah, which he decides to do since he realizes it is what a loving brother would be expected to do. Second, Dexter is asked to kill Deborah. Dexter wants to kill because that is his baser instinct; however, the thought of Harry stops him from harming Deborah.
Vince Masuoka
Vince Masuoka is a lab tech who works for the Metro-Dade Police Department. Dexter and Vince work closely together since they are both lab techs and their work often applies to the same cases. Vince is an awkward man, who often tries to make crude jokes in order to fit in with the other cops and lab techs. Vince also seems to have a certain affection for Deborah and often makes jokes at her expense due to her required uniform for vice. Vince has a laugh that Dexter finds fake. Dexter likes Vince because he seems to be pretending like Dexter is. Dexter feels a kindred soul in Vince because of this falseness in his social skills.
Angel Baptista
Angel Batista is an investigator in the medical examiner\'s office. Dexter and Angel often work together on their many cases. Dexter finds Angel at the scene of the first Tamiami Trail killer\'s victim. Angel is the one who points out to Dexter the lack of blood in, on, and around the body. It is also Angel who points out that the killer did not finish cutting up the body but left one leg in fewer pieces than the other. From this information, Dexter concludes that the killer is growing bored with his ritual and searching for a more elaborate way to kill his victims. This information helps Deborah make several breakthroughs in the case.
Detective Migdia LaGuerta
Detective Migdia LaGuerta is a female detective in charge of the Tamiami Trail killer case. Detective LaGuerta is an inept investigator, who has only gotten to the position she holds due to her ability to play the political game. LaGuerta charms everyone, including the press. LaGuerta is known for handing out as many promotional pictures of herself at press conferences as information on the cases being discussed. During the investigation of the Tamiami Trail killer, LaGuerta makes an arrest and obtains a confession from a man who is not the real killer. By doing this, LaGuerta gets all the credit for solving the case and ruins Deborah\'s chances of using the case to gain a promotion. When the killer kills again, LaGuerta is left looking like a fool. LaGuerta blames Dexter for this because he gave her information that made her feel secure in the arrest she made. LaGuerta begins to follow Dexter and finds him searching for Deborah shortly after she is kidnapped. LaGuerta helps Dexter get into the secure docking area where he believes the kidnapper to be. She then walks in on Dexter and the killer discussing their common past. LaGuerta is stabbed by the killer and later murdered by both Dexter and the killer. LaGuerta is buried a police hero.
Captain Matthews
Captain Matthews is the head of the homicide division for which Dexter works. Matthews decides to put Deborah on the Tamiami Trail killer case because he knows her father and is aware that she has connections in the prostitution community that can help the case. Deborah sees this as a sign of trust and hopes to use it to gain a promotion. Later, when LaGuerta makes an arrest, Deborah goes to the Captain and tells him she does not believe LaGuerta has the right man. When the killer kills again, Deborah, who had previously appeared insubordinate, looks as though she is a gifted detective. Deborah hopes the Captain will give her a promotion, but instead he allows LaGuerta to continue to block Deborah\'s ambitions by placing her on the fringes of the investigation.
Sergeant Doakes
Sergeant Doakes is a large, black detective, who does not like Dexter. Dexter believes that Doakes sees in Dexter the darkness that leads Dexter to kill. In a way, Dexter believes that Doakes is the same as he. Dexter thinks the only difference between himself and Doakes is that Doakes puts his dark energy into catching bad guys through the law. However, Dexter suspects that perhaps there is more to Doakes\' dark side of which no one is aware. Perhaps Doakes is a closeted serial killer as well. In any case, Doakes seems to be watching Dexter very closely, and toward the end of the book, Dexter becomes worried that Doakes might discover his secret one day. After LaGuerta is killed, Doakes seems to be more intent on proving Dexter is a murderer. Dexter decides that he will have to dispose of Doakes before Doakes can expose his dark secret.
Tamiami Trail Killer
The Tamiami Trail killer is a person who has been kidnapping and murdering prostitutes. This killer takes his victims and bleeds them out before freezing their bodies and cutting them into pieces. The killer then wraps each body part and dump them in Dumpsters along the Tamiami Trail in Miami. After Dexter and Deborah begin investigating the case, they discover that the killer is using a refrigerated truck to keep the bodies cold. Shortly after this, Dexter has a run-in with the killer. The killer throws a woman\'s head at Dexter\'s car before going to the local hockey rink and displaying a wrapped body on the ice. Dexter thinks this might be a message to him personally. This seems to be confirmed when he returns home and discovers that someone has left a mutilated Barbi doll in his freezer. Dexter feels a connection to this killer and begins to wonder if he is committing these crimes in his sleep. However, it later turns out that the killer is a brother Dexter never knew he had.
Rita, Astor, and Cody
Rita is Dexter\'s girlfriend. Rita was married to a drug addict, who abused her terribly. Rita is paranoid about sex and afraid to allow Dexter to touch her. This is the perfect woman for Dexter since he has no interest in sex. Rather than spend time in romantic clutches, Rita and Dexter spend much of their time in athletic pursuits. However, one night when Dexter is emotionally excited by the Tamiami Trail killer, he and Rita are intimate. Dexter is disgusted and confused by his reaction to Rita.
Astor and Cody are Rita\'s children. Although Dexter cannot feel emotions for adults, he has a special place in his heart for children. Dexter adores Rita\'s kids and feels he could give or take Rita, but he would desperately miss her children should Rita throw him out of her life. Dexter sees how the children\'s father\'s behavior hurt Rita\'s children, so he wants to be a good role model for them in order to prevent any further damage. Dexter does not want Astor and Cody to turn out like him.
Chapter 1 Summary
Darkly Dreaming Dexter is a novel by Jeff Lindsay. Dexter Morgan is a blood analysis expert, who happens to also be a serial killer. Dexter\'s foster father, a police officer named Harry Morgan, taught Dexter how to kill in a way that will keep him from getting caught. Harry also taught Dexter to only kill people who deserve to die. As a result, Dexter only targets serial killers and child molesters. When, through his sister, Dexter gets involved in the case of a new serial killer, who kills without blood evidence, Dexter finds his serial killing soul mate. The only question is, will Dexter help his sister bring the killer to justice, or will he save this killer for his own brand of justice. Darkly Dreaming Dexter is an amusing twist on an old formula that will leave readers rethinking their own definition of justice.
Dexter has been waiting for the right moment to take the priest. Dexter has done his homework and is confident that the priest is an appropriate victim. Dexter waits in the man\'s car until the coast is clear and then he directs him to drive to a remote house. The priest seems to recognize the house and is frightened by Dexter\'s knowledge of it. When they walk into the house, the priest is confronted by the decomposed bodies of seven children. These are the victims of the priest\'s cruelty that Dexter has dug up out of the garden. Dexter forces the priest to look at the bodies for several minutes before taking him into another room. This room has been prepared before hand with every surface covered with plastic in order to aid in clean up. Dexter fastens the priest to a table with duct tape and begins his work. Before Dexter kills the priest, Dexter hears the priest whisper thank you.
Chapter 1 Analysis
Dexter is a serial killer. The writer introduces this fact in the first few paragraphs of the novel by allowing Dexter to tell his story in the first person point of view. Dexter\'s thoughts are completely consumed with the priest he is about to attack. At first, the reader sees this situation on the surface and believes that Dexter is about to attack not only an innocent man, but a holy man who should be above such horrors. Dexter allows the reader to think he is a monster beyond compare. However, when the priest and Dexter arrive at their destination, the reader is confronted with evidence that proves it is not Dexter who is the monster, but the priest.
The priest has murdered seven innocent children. If there is anything more sacred than a priest, it is a child. The idea that a priest could kill a child is outrageous, and it brings out deep emotions in the reader. When Dexter makes it clear that he intends to kill the priest for his crimes, the reader almost wants to stand up and cheer. One should never condone murder, but in this case, it seems like justice. In this way, Dexter the serial killer suddenly becomes a likable character.
Chapter 2-3 Summary
After finishing with the priest, Dexter returns to his apartment in time to clean up for his day. Dexter arrives at work; he is a blood analysis expert for the Metro-Dade Police Department. He finds a message from his foster sister, Deborah, on his answering machine. Deborah is at the scene of a murder and wants Dexter to come down. Deborah wants Dexter\'s insight on the crime. Deborah is a police officer working vice, but she desperately wants to be a homicide detective like her father. Deborah is hoping that this murder, since the victim is a prostitute, will be her stepping stone to a promotion. If she can solve the case, that is. This is the fifth murder of its kind, and Deborah knows it is going to be a big deal when the killer is caught. Deborah also knows Dexter has some sort of instinct about these things and wants all the help he can offer.
Dexter goes over to check out the body. It is immediately clear, however, that his expertise is not necessary. There is absolutely no blood on or in the body. Dexter is fascinated with this because the blood and its ensuing mess has always been the only unpleasant aspect of Dexter\'s hobby. While Dexter is admiring the killer\'s work, the investigator from the medical examiner\'s office shows Dexter where the killer left one of the victim\'s legs unfinished. Dexter then goes over to where the lead detective, Detective Migdia LaGuerta is talking with a potential witness. Dexter listens to the detective berate the witness in such a way that it is clear she is not going to get any information from the frightened man. LaGuerta is an inept detective, but she is good at politics; this is why Dexter believes she has made it as far as she has.
Dexter talks to LaGuerta for a few minutes. LaGuerta is flirting with Dexter, but he has so little experience with women, he does not realize this is what she is doing. LaGuerta leans that the second leg was not cut completely and thinks this means the killer was interrupted. LaGuerta does not take into account the fact that the killer wrapped all the body parts before disposing of them. A few minutes later, Captain Matthews arrives. Matthews assigns Deborah to the case, since she has been working with the prostitutes in the area and might have important contacts. LaGuerta is upset by this because she does not like Deborah.
Chapter 2-3 Analysis
Dexter finishes killing the priest just in time to go to work. Dexter works for the Metro-Dade Police Department. This job seems rather ironic for a man who is also a serial killer, however, if the reader thinks about it long enough, it might appear to be an appropriate job for a killer. Who could be more apropos to get into the mind of a murderer than a fellow murderer. Once Dexter arrives at work, he finds a message waiting for him from his sister. Deborah is a cop who wants to be a homicide cop like her father. However, Deborah is stuck in vice, arresting johns.
Dexter goes to the scene and discovers the work of a killer he cannot help admiring. Dexter does not like blood, ironically enough, but has been unable to avoid the unpleasantness of it during his kills. This killer, however, has found a way to overcome this obstacle, and Dexter admires his skill. Dexter moves around the crime scene watching everyone do their jobs and learns some useful information. The killer did not finish his cuts on one of the victim\'s legs. The detective in charge is inept and believes this means the killer was interrupted. Detective LaGuerta clearly does not have the deductive reasoning skills to pursue a killer as intelligent as this one. LaGuerta thinks the killer was interrupted but took the time to individually wrap each piece of the victim\'s body. This mistake in assumption alerts the reader that LaGuerta will most likely not be capable of catching this killer. Not only this, but LaGuerta\'s reaction to Deborah being assigned to the case suggests that Deborah will not be supported or given the opportunity she needs to angle for a promotion.
Chapters 4-5 Summary
Dexter takes his boat out after work in order to think over the events of the day. Dexter is excited and fascinated by this new killer. This fascination makes Deborah\'s request of his help difficult. Dexter wants to find the killer so he can kill him but not without asking a few questions first. Dexter struggles with this desire as he considers Deborah\'s request. If Dexter helps Deborah, the killer will be arrested and tried for his crimes, taking him out of Dexter\'s reach. However, Deborah is family, and Harry, their father, would want Dexter to help her.
When Dexter was fourteen, his foster father, Harry, took him on a camping trip. During this trip, Harry confronted Dexter with his knowledge that Dexter had been killing animals in their neighborhood. Harry asked Dexter about his urge to kill and whether he wants to kill people as well. Dexter admitted that he did and only restrained himself because he knew his foster parents would be unhappy about it. Harry thought about this for a while and then told Dexter he would need to learn how to control his urges, but that there were people in the world who deserved to die. Dexter thinks back on this time now and decides he will help Deborah.
At work the next day, Deborah is waiting for Dexter. Deborah knows that Dexter knows something, and she badgers him until he tells her. Dexter says that instead of looking for a witness who might have interrupted the killer, they should be expecting a bigger and better kill. The killer was not interrupted; he has simply become bored with his routine. Deborah rushes off with this theory and leaves Dexter to work.
Chapters 4-5 Analysis
Dexter takes his boat out in order to clear his mind. Dexter is excited by this new killer. It is as though Dexter has found a master to learn from, and he very much wants to be a good student. However, Dexter is conflicted by Deborah\'s request that he help her find the killer. Deborah is Dexter\'s only living family, so he knows logically he should support her, even though he feels no emotional ties to her. In fact, Dexter feels no emotion at all due to whatever event caused him to become a serial killer.
Dexter\'s foster father knows about Dexter\'s homicidal tendencies. As surprised as the reader is at this revelation, the reader is more surprised to learn that Harry does nothing to stop Dexter. The theme of morality makes its most noticeable appearance in this chapter as the reader begins to comprehend what Harry has decided to do. Harry does not seek help for his homicidal son; instead, Harry teaches Dexter how to kill in such a way as to not get caught. Harry also teaches Dexter to only kill those who deserve to die. The reader wonders if this was the right way for Harry to handle the situation in a moral sense. It seems in this case, it was a good thing, since Dexter has become a successful member of society, if one forgets that he is also a serial killer.
At work the next day, Deborah begs Dexter to tell her what he thinks of the Tamiami Trail case. Dexter finally tells her that he does not believe the killer was interrupted as Detective LaGuerta has suggested. Dexter says that the killer is simply bored with his routine, and they should expect him to escalate and to do it soon. This information is so insightful that many people did not see it. Dexter does seem to have an instinct when it comes to these things.
Chapters 6-7 Summary
Dexter goes on a date with his girlfriend, Rita. Rita is a victim of domestic abuse, who is just beginning to put her life back together. Due to her past experiences with men, Rita is not interested in sex, which makes her the perfect girlfriend for Dexter. Dexter does not like sex because it is messy and requires specific emotional responses of which he is not capable. Rita is also perfect for Dexter because she has children. Despite Dexter\'s lack of emotion, he likes children and enjoys being around Rita\'s children.
Dexter and Rita go to dinner and then for a walk on the beach. Afterward, Dexter is taking Rita home when he sees an active crime scene. Hoping it is another victim of the Tamiami Trail killer, Dexter stops and tells Rita he needs to see if they need his help. It is in fact another Tamiami Trail victim. This time the killer has completely exposed one of the victim\'s bones by removing all the flesh. The killer has not only accelerated but has begun to experiment. Dexter is so excited by this that he tries to kiss Rita when he drops her off at home. Rita is frightened by Dexter\'s uncharacteristic attempt at affection and rushes into the house. Dexter does not really notice her fear because of his overwhelming focus on the killer. That night Dexter dreams about the killer and his victims.
The next day, Dexter meets Deborah for breakfast. They discuss the latest victim. Deborah tells Dexter that this victim shows signs of having been kept at a very cold temperature. Dexter realizes that the killer is cooling the victims in order to slow the flow of blood. Dexter tells Deborah to look for a refrigerated truck that has been stolen in the last few days.
Chapters 6-7 Analysis
Continuing to explore Dexter\'s character, the reader learns Dexter has a girlfriend despite his inability to feel the same emotions as all the people around him. Dexter has been told to fit in, to do things that other people do, so he has gotten a girlfriend. This girlfriend is damaged, so she is perfect for him in that she does not expect him to have sex with her or to be emotional with her. Dexter and Rita are more buddies than lovers, spending most of their time in athletic pursuits. The introduction of a girlfriend is important not only because it shows how far Dexter will go to be normal, but it also shows that Dexter is more capable of human interaction than he believes.
Dexter and Rita happen upon another crime scene. Dexter is excited to see that it is another victim of the Tamiami Trail killer. The killer has experimented with this victim by de-fleshing a bone. This killer has taken all the things that Dexter has done and gone a step further. Dexter\'s reaction is like that of a student faced with a master. Dexter is learning from this killer, and he also feels a sort of kinship to the killer that he has never experienced before. There is a connection between Dexter and the killer that is underscored when Dexter dreams about the killer. Later, Deborah tells Dexter that the latest body showed signs of extreme cold. This fact shows Dexter that the killer is experimenting with different ways to keep the victims from bleeding a great deal. Dexter is impressed by this and again feels he has a lot to learn from this killer.
Chapters 8-9 Summary
Dexter attends a meeting to discuss the Tamiami Trail killer, even though he is not officially on the case. Sergeant Doakes is not happy to see Dexter there. Doakes seems to be the only cop in the entire building who senses something not right about Dexter. However, Detective LaGuerta insists on Dexter staying. During the meeting, Deborah brings up the idea of a refrigerated truck, but Detective LaGuerta shoots down the idea without even considering it and makes Deborah look like a fool in the process. Dexter consoles Deborah as best he can and pushes her to continue to look for the truck anyway.
Dexter dreams about the killer again. This time the dream is detailed and involves participating in the murder of one of the killer\'s victims. Dexter is disturbed by these dreams and is afraid he might be losing his mind. Dexter decides to go for a drive, going through the same neighborhoods he imagines the killer haunts. While driving these streets, Dexter sees a refrigerated truck. Dexter follows it, although the possibility that it is the truck the killer has stolen is unlikely. The driver seems to be aware of Dexter following him and takes him on a wild goose chase, finally disappearing in a more prosperous area of town. Dexter pulls over to the side of the road to collect himself, reminding himself that it was not likely the killer he was following. As Dexter sits there, the truck reappears, having pulled out from behind a gas station. As the driver goes by, he throws something out the window. Dexter gets out of his car and discovers a woman\'s severed head by the side of the road.
Chapters 8-9 Analysis
The conflict between Deborah and Detective LaGuerta becomes more apparent during a meeting to discuss the Tamiami Trail case. LaGuerta very publicly denounces Deborah\'s ideas about the refrigerated truck, making herself look good while making Deborah look like a fool. Dexter watches this and, instead of defending his sister, finds the whole thing amusing. Dexter\'s reaction underscores his lack of emotion regarding his sister and possibly shows his desire to sabotage the police case in order to find the killer himself, despite his pledge to help Deborah.
Dexter dreams about the killer, and his dream includes details that make him question his sanity. It is ironic that a serial killer would question his sanity, since he already appears to have mental health issues, adding to the more comical aspect of this novel. Dexter decides to go for a drive and cruise some of the areas that were highlighted in his dream. While doing this, Dexter comes across a refrigerated truck and decides to tail it in the hopes that it is driven by the killer. Dexter loses the truck and feels as though he has made a fool of himself when suddenly the truck reappears. The driver throws a human head at Dexter, proving that it is in fact the killer. Dexter is not outraged by this as someone else might be, but excited because it is proof he is not insane. This episode also suggests that the killer is aware of who Dexter is, adding to the odd connection that Dexter already feels with the killer.
Chapters 10-11 Summary
Detective LaGuerta interviews Dexter about the human head, asking him all the wrong questions and flirting with him. After a time, Dexter begins to realize that Detective LaGuerta is coming on to him and is at a loss as to how to handle the situation. When Detective LaGuerta tells Dexter that the rest of the victim\'s body has been found at the ice rink where the local profession hockey team plays, he convinces her to take him with her to the scene. The body has been placed in the goal on the ice.
Doakes is on the scene, as well as Deborah. Deborah wants to know why Dexter was driving around in the middle of the night, the one question LaGuerta should have asked but did not. However, they are interrupted when one of the investigators from the medical examiner\'s office finds a foreign object inside one of the carefully-wrapped packages of human parts. It is the rear view mirror from a vehicle. Dexter believes the mirror is from the refrigerator truck. Deborah points out that that makes the case in Metro-Dade\'s jurisdiction rather than Broward County, which is where the ice rink is located. Deborah goes to tell this to LaGuerta, only to be shot down once again. Dexter suggests that Deborah learn to play the politics game a little better, causing her to become angry with him.
Dexter goes home to think over this new evidence. Dexter believes the rear view mirror is meant to be a message for him, but it is unclear what it might mean. While Dexter is still struggling with this, Deborah calls. Deborah has found the refrigerator truck; however, it is too little, too late. LaGuerta has made an arrest. LaGuerta not only arrested a guard at the ice rink with a criminal history, but she has managed to get this man to confess. The case is closed and Deborah is still stuck in vice.
Chapters 10-11 Analysis
LaGuerta comes to the scene of Dexter\'s run-in with the Tamiami Trail killer only to ask him all the wrong questions and fail to get to the bottom of the situation. LaGuerta seems to have only one thing on her mind and that is how to get Dexter in bed. Dexter is uncomfortable with this once he realizes it. LaGuerta\'s behavior further reveals her ineptness as a detective and her need to please the men in her life. LaGuerta further characterizes herself when she bullies Deborah and tries to make her look like a fool. LaGuerta is clearly threatened by Deborah and is determined to keep her from becoming successful as a detective.
The discovery of the mirror stuffed in one of the packages at the ice rink is an interesting turn of events. Dexter believes this mirror is a message for him personally, suggesting the killer is telling him that he sees him. The reader is unsure if this is Dexter\'s own paranoia, or if the killer has really taken an interest in him. If this is true, however, the reader is left with many questions, including the question of how the killer became aware of Dexter. Not only this, but the reader is also curious what lies in the future for Dexter if the killer has really taken an interest in him.
Chapters 12-13 Summary
Dexter is unhappy that there has been an arrest in the Tamiami Trail case until he gets a closer look at the accused. The security guard is a run of the mill wife beater, who has been arrested a few times for robbery and domestic abuse. Dexter knows this man is not capable of the mastery of the Tamiami Trail killings. Dexter warns Deborah that LaGuerta has made a mistake and that the real killer is still out there. The killer will kill again, and next time, it will be on a larger scale simply to show the cops what huge idiots they have proven themselves to be. Dexter advices Deborah to go to the captain and tell him that she believes the killer is still on the loose. That way, when the real killer does kill again, Deborah will look like the smarter detective.
On Monday when Dexter returns home from work, he feels as though someone has been in his apartment. Nothing is missing; however, there is a Barbie doll head stuck to his refrigerator door and a Barbie body in the freezer. Dexter knows these are gifts from the real killer. Dexter does not tell anyone about this visit, but sees it as an invitation to play. Dexter can feel his inner darkness, his Dark Passenger, begin to stir. It is too early to need to kill again, but this case is agitating the Dark Passenger and causing Dexter to loose control. As Dexter fights against this need, he reaches out to Rita by making a date to see her later in the evening.
Chapters 12-13 Analysis
Dexter believes the man LaGuerta has arrested is the wrong man despite his confession. LaGuerta has once again shown her poor detecting skills by arresting and believing the first criminal she comes across. Dexter knows this man could not kill the way the killer has, because this man is not intelligent enough nor patient enough. Dexter knows the real killer will return, and he confides this in Deborah. Deborah still desperately wants to be transferred to homicide but believes now her chance is gone. Dexter assures her this is not the case and advices her to put her career on the line. Deborah trusts Dexter enough that she agrees, despite her basic instincts telling her not to. This touches on the theme of politics, as Deborah slowly begins to learn to play the game.
Dexter knows someone has broken into his apartment, and this is confirmed when he finds a Barbie doll in his freezer. It is another message from the killer. For some reason, the killer has targeted Dexter. The reader has no idea why this might be, since Dexter is not even officially involved with the case. However, the reasons behind this interest on the killer\'s behalf might help both Dexter and the reader identify the killer. Later, as Dexter continues to work the case in his mind, the darkness inside of him comes awake. It is too early, and Dexter is not prepared, but the instinct to kill proves to be difficult to control. Dexter reaches out to Rita in a move that surprises him as much as it does the reader. Dexter is showing some human instincts by reaching out to the woman in his life. However, the reader is unclear what this means and only in reading the next few chapters will the consequences be revealed.
Chapters14-15 Summary
Dexter stakes out the janitor of an elementary school, who he has been investigating for several months. Dexter had dismissed this man as one of his victims because he could not prove the man was the reason several young girls had gone missing from the school. However, tonight Dexter is desperate, and this man is the best target he has on short notice. Dexter follows the man when he leaves his house and ends up at a construction site where the man steals copper wiring from the walls. Dexter follows the man into the building and prepares himself with some plastic wrap that happens to be lying around. Dexter would normally be wearing a mask and coveralls, but he has to make due with what is available tonight.
Dexter corners the man on a stairwell and takes him by knife point to a makeshift table. Dexter then straps the man to the table with tape and asks him about his crimes. The man denies the crimes at first, but after Dexter begins to cut him, the man admits his crimes. Dexter goes to work on the man, nearly forgetting his surroundings until he hears the static of a radio. A security guard has approached the building. Dexter quickly kills his victim and slips out a window, escaping bare moments before the security guard would have seen him. Dexter goes straight to Rita\'s house from the construction site, expecting her to break up with him over the kiss he forced on her during their last date. However, Rita has staged a seduction for him. Dexter allows Rita to seduce him, only to be confused and surprised when it is all over. Later that night, Dexter dreams about the Tamiami Trail killer again in surprising detail.
Chapters14-15 Analysis
The Dark Passenger inside of Dexter has become insistent. Dexter goes to the home of a man he has investigated and could not convincingly condemn. The man is a janitor, who might be responsible for the deaths of five young girls. Dexter does not like to kill someone unless he knows for sure they are guilty of terrible crimes, touching on the theme of morality. However, tonight Dexter is desperate. The depth of Dexter\'s desperation shows when he comes to this victim completely unprepared. All Dexter has is a knife. Dexter makes due with the materials on hand and experiments with this victim in a way he has not done before. Dexter is nearly caught because of his decision to go without proper preparation. Dexter has become dangerously spontaneous, something that is out of character for him.
Afterward, Dexter goes to Rita\'s house. Dexter is flying high on adrenaline after killing spontaneously for the first time. Dexter allows Rita to seduce him, much to his own surprise. This shows the reader how exciting the kill was for Dexter, suggesting this might not be the last time he will indulge in this type of uncontrolled murder. Later, Dexter dreams of the Tamiami killer again. The detail of Dexter\'s dreams is overwhelming and suggests to the reader some sort of inside knowledge or ESP connection with the killer. The intensity of this connection makes the reader feel as though the killer might be someone Dexter knows or is connected to on a spiritual level. This narrows the field somewhat and makes the reader think that perhaps the killer is someone close to Dexter.
Chapters 16-17 Summary
Dexter recalls the first time he killed a person. It was while Harry was slowly dying in a hospice. One of Harry\'s nurses was giving too much medication to her patients, hastening their deaths. Harry was possibly going to fall victim to this behavior and was aware of it. Harry told Dexter what was happening and suggested to him that he stop her. Deborah was in the room and thought it was a matter of clarifying the doctor\'s orders. However, Dexter knew what his father meant. The nurse would be Dexter\'s first human kill.
Dexter collects slides with a single drop of blood from each of his victims; however, Dexter forgot to get a drop of blood from his last victim. The murder is in the paper the next morning. Deborah calls, believing this murder is one of the Tamiami Trail killer\'s victims. Dexter plays along, encouraging that belief. Later, when Dexter goes to work, he arrives early. Dexter goes to Vince\'s lab and finds the evidence from his crime scene. Dexter steals a sample of blood to make a slide for himself. When Vince walks in on Dexter, he pretends to be looking for the file because Deborah wanted him to take a look at it. Vince believes him and sends him on his way. In his office, Dexter finds LaGuerta waiting for him. LaGuerta is troubled by the new murder and wants to find evidence to prove it is a different killer. This places Dexter in the awkward position of proving his crime is the work of someone else. Dexter agrees to look at the case and find something to prove it is not a crime committed by the Tamiami Trail killer.
Chapters 16-17 Analysis
Dexter not only learned how to kill from his foster father, but his father also picks out his first victim. When Harry is dying in a hospice, a nurse begins feeding him too much pain medication in order to hasten his death. Harry is frightened and gives Dexter permission to kill the woman. Again Harry\'s behavior brings into question his morality, touching on this theme, and leaving the reader wondering if Harry did the right thing. For Harry, killing the nurse saved his life, however little time he had left. However, the reader is left wondering if this murder was justified by sending a nineteen-year-old young man to commit it.
Dexter keeps a souvenir of his crimes, a single drop of blood on a slide. However, Dexter forgot to take a souvenir of his last victim. While in the process of doing this through the crime evidence at the lab, Dexter is once again nearly caught. Dexter manages to get out of it, claiming he wants to look at the reports for Deborah. Deborah believes the killer is the Tamiami Trail killer despite certain differences in the victim choice. However, if it were the Tamiami Trail killer, LaGuerta would look like a fool. Therefore LaGuerta comes to Dexter hoping for proof that it is not the Tamiami Trail killer. Ironically, this leaves Dexter in the unique position of both proving and disproving that his own crime was committed by the Tamiami Trail killer, a man who has become a hero of sorts to Dexter. Again the reader is reminded of the theme of morality as Dexter is put in a position to manipulate the fates of several people in his life.
Chapters 18-19 Summary
Dexter meets Deborah for lunch and he encourages her to continue with the Tamiami Trail case. Dexter convinces Deborah that the murder case of the night before, his own crime, was committed by the Tamiami Trail killer. Later in the afternoon, however, Dexter presents LaGuerta with a convincing report against the idea that the Tamiami Trail killer committed the same crime. LaGuerta is so happy with Dexter\'s report that she attempts to seduce him. Dexter backs away so quickly that LaGuerta ends up on the floor, embarrassed.
That night Dexter has a dream that the Tamiami Trail killer is killing not one victim, but three, all at once. Early the next morning, Dexter gets a call from Deborah telling him there has been another murder. When Dexter arrives at the scene, he is greeted with three severed heads that have been carefully staged. The heads each have a prop attached to them. The first is a rear view mirror from a vehicle, the second is a Barbie doll, and the third is attached to drywall. These things seem to be messages for Dexter. The fact that there are three, like the dream, leaves Dexter once again questioning his sanity. Dexter now begins to wonder if he is committing these murders in his sleep and is simply unaware of it.
Chapters 18-19 Analysis
Dexter convinces Deborah that his own crime is the work of the Tamiami Trail killer, while at the same time telling LaGuerta that the Tamiami Trail killer could not possibly have committed this crime. Dexter is playing these two women against each other for his own gain. By telling Deborah that the work is that of the Tamiami Trail killer, he keeps her hopes up and her focus on looking for the real killer. By telling LaGuerta that the killer is a different person, he is moving LaGuerta out of Deborah\'s way until the killer can show his hand. All in all, Dexter is attempting to help Deborah by lying to both women. Not only that, but Dexter is protecting himself by keeping both woman from looking for the real killer of the janitor. It is a dangerous game that is bound to backfire, leaving the reader anxious to see how it all plays out.
That night, Dexter dreams about the Tamiami Trail killer again, this time in detail. Dexter dreams the killer is working three victims at once. The next morning he gets a call from Deborah informing him that this is exactly what the killer has done. The police have found three heads that have messages left for Dexter. The entire situation makes Dexter once again question his sanity. Now Dexter begins to wonder if he is the Tamiami Trail killer, somehow killing these victims in his sleep. This idea seems far fetched, but the coincidence of Dexter dreaming of the killings and then having them come true seems too much to believe. There are few explanations that are not as outrageous as this one, leaving the reader anxious to learn the true identity of the killer.
Chapters 20-21 Summary
Dexter moves around the crime scene, watching the technicians go about their jobs in eerie silence. Normally, the technicians and cops approach a crime scene with humor, but even veteran investigators are disturbed by what they see at this scene. LaGuerta arrives and brings along three reporters. LaGuerta tells these reporters that the murders were perpetrated by another killer, not the Tamiami Trail killer. The reporters openly question this logic, since it seems far fetched, but LaGuerta is determined to convince them otherwise. Captain Matthews arrives during this discussion and becomes enraged that LaGuerta would bring reporters to a crime scene. Matthews sends the reporters away and reprimands LaGuerta for her actions.
Dexter leaves the scene and encounters Deborah. Dexter updates Deborah on what is happening and encourages her to investigate on her own, even though she is not technically on the case. Dexter knows the rest of the bodies will be found soon, and he wants Deborah to be the one to find them. Dexter thinks about where the killer might have left the bodies, and the ice rink comes to mind. Deborah and Dexter jump in her car and rush to the ice rink. Once there, they talk an employee into allowing them into the building. There are no bodies on the ice so Deborah gives up, disappointed. However, when the employee opens the janitor\'s closet and begins screaming, Dexter knows their search has not been in vain.
Chapters 20-21 Analysis
This crime scene is more horrendous than many of these police investigators have ever seen, causing them to be quiet and reverent. The reader gets a true sense of how bad this scene is by the reaction of the people who are investigating, since these people have seen the worst of humanity and joked their way through it. However, Dexter does not seem to be disturbed by it except to wonder if perhaps he committed the crime in his sleep somehow. This further enhances Dexter\'s character, once again showing the reader the depth of Dexter\'s lack of emotional response.
LaGuerta brings reporters to a secured crime scene and expresses to them that this murder could not have been committed by the Tamiami Trail, killer despite the fact that the modus operandi is very similar. The reporters can see that LaGuerta is trying to save her reputation and do not buy her speech. Captain Matthews can also see what LaGuerta is doing and puts an end to it. No amount of politicking, a theme of the novel, will save LaGuerta\'s reputation this time. LaGuerta\'s poor detecting skills are finally out in the open. The reader can only guess at what will happen to her career now.
Deborah arrives on the scene despite the fact that she is not officially on this case. Dexter encourages her to investigate, perhaps for her, perhaps so he can find the killer. Either way, it appears to the reader that Dexter is acting selflessly, since he has begun to suspect that he is the perpetrator in this case. Dexter and Deborah go to the ice rink in hopes of finding the rest of the victim\'s bodies. Dexter\'s instincts appear to be off this time until the janitor opens his closet and begins to scream. As LaGuerta is going down for her ineptness, Deborah makes a discovery that could put her on top, just as Dexter had hoped would happen when he manipulated both women several chapters back. Now the reader can only hope everything works out the way Dexter has planned.
Chapters 22-23 Summary
After Deborah calls in the crime scene, there is a struggle over jurisdiction since the ice rink is in Broward County. The Metro-Dade police believe they should run the scene because the bodies belong to the heads found in their jurisdiction, but the Broward County police believe there is no proof these bodies belong to those heads. Finally the conflict is settled by the state police, who give jurisdiction to Metro-Dade. During this struggle, Dexter has been looking at the display in the janitor\'s closet. The killer has arranged the body parts in such a way that they spell out \"Boo.\" Dexter finds the whole scene familiar, especially the closeness of the closet, and again begins to wonder if perhaps he has committed this crime himself.
LaGuerta arrives on the scene. Still angry over the scene with the reporters and annoyed that Deborah found the bodies, she assigns Deborah to interview the rink employees and then puts her back in vice. Deborah is angry and taking a great deal of it out on Dexter. Dexter accompanies Deborah when she goes to interview the employees. The first person they interview is a computer tech. In his office they find a web cam that has been focused on the parking lot. The computer tech videos the professional hockey team when they come and go from the rink and posts the video on a fan website. The camera was on the night before. Dexter and the computer tech scan through the video and discover that it has captured the killer arriving at the rink. The problem is, the killer looks a lot like Dexter.
Deborah is upset by this revelation. Deborah tells Dexter she has to turn him in; however, Deborah gives Dexter until that night to clean up the image and prove it is not him. Dexter puts the images on a CD and takes it home, running it through every program he knows to try and clean it up, to prove it is not him. However, even Dexter cannot be certain the image is not him. Dexter once again begins to wonder if he has somehow been committing these murders in his sleep. Finally Dexter gives up, unable to clean up the images anymore, and falls asleep.
Chapters 22-23 Analysis
While the police childishly fight over jurisdiction, Dexter takes a look at the bodies. They have been positioned to spell out the word \"Boo\" on the floor of the closet. Dexter knows this message must be for him and finds himself wondering what it means. Dexter again begins to sense that the scene is familiar and wonders why that would be. Again Dexter considers the idea that he somehow committed these murders in his sleep. The reader is beginning to wonder the same thing, especially when Dexter and Deborah discover the web cam footage that shows a person who greatly resembles Dexter arriving at the ice rink in the middle of the night. Despite the fact that the suspect is driving a vehicle Dexter has never seen before, he begins to wonder again if that man could be him. Dexter cannot say for sure it is not, causing Deborah to have to make the choice between family, a theme of the novel, and the law.
Dexter is determined to prove the image is not him, as much to himself as Deborah. However this proves to be impossible with the grainy footage. Dexter is now in a position where he knows he will be going to jail if Deborah turns him in. Deborah loves Dexter and knows she should protect him, again touching on the theme of family, but she is determined to obey the law. Deborah believes this is what Harry would do in her position. Ironically, Dexter knows Harry would not, since Harry is the one who taught him how to keep from getting caught. Dexter once again displays his lack of human emotions in this situation. Dexter gives up and goes to sleep rather than allow his fear of jail to keep him awake.
Chapters 24-25 Summary
Dexter is awakened by the phone. Captain Matthews wants to know where Deborah is. Deborah signed out to visit Dexter but never returned. Dexter knows immediately that Deborah never made it to his apartment and must have been taken by the Tamiami Trail killer. Dexter wonders what he should do and realizes a normal person would go looking for Deborah. Dexter goes to his car and finds another Barbie doll there. Dexter knows without a doubt that Deborah has been kidnapped. Dexter wonders what to do next. The doll has a suitcase with the name of a cruise line on it. Dexter thinks it is a clue to go to the docks. When Dexter arrives at the docks, he drives around trying to think of where the killer might take Deborah. Dexter sees the storage containers behind a secure fence and realizes the containers fit the killer\'s need for tight, enclosed spaces. Dexter parks his car to try to figure out how to get in to the secure area. Suddenly Detective LaGuerta pulls up beside him.
LaGuerta began suspecting Dexter after the three heads were found that morning. LaGuerta decided that Dexter set her up with the report stating that the construction site killing was committed by a separate suspect. In addition, LaGuerta has known for a time that Doakes suspects Dexter of illicit behavior, so she decided to follow him. Now LaGuerta believes Dexter is at the docks to commit another murder. Dexter explains to LaGuerta about Deborah\'s disappearance and tells her that he suspects the killer is inside the secure area. While still not trusting Dexter, LaGuerta decides to check out his story. LaGuerta uses her badge to get them inside the secure area. Then Dexter convinces LaGuerta to separate, each looking in a different direction. Dexter follows his instincts as he begins searching the containers, quickly finding a refrigerated container in which Deborah is strapped to a table.
Chapters 24-25 Analysis
Dexter receives a call from Captain Matthews looking for Deborah. Dexter realizes that Deborah left to come to his apartment but never made it. Dexter thinks of Harry and knows Harry would want Dexter to be concerned about his foster sister. Deborah is family, a theme of the novel, and Dexter should look for her. Dexter goes to his car and finds another Barbie doll there. Dexter takes the clue and goes to the docks, realizing the killer must have Deborah in one of the storage containers. However, the containers are behind a secure fence. Dexter is desperate to get behind the fence, leaving the reader wondering about his motivation. Does Dexter want to save his sister, or is this just an excuse to finally meet the killer he considers a master. The reader is also left wondering if there really is a killer, or if Dexter kidnapped his own sister while he was asleep. Dexter wonders the same thing and wants to prove to himself that he could not have committed all these crimes in his sleep. This seems to be his only chance, but he is thwarted when LaGuerta shows up.
LaGuerta has finally shown she has some skills as an investigator. LaGuerta has known for some time that Doakes is suspicious of Dexter, but LaGuerta has only chosen now to act on these suspicions. Dexter made LaGuerta look like a fool with his report stating that the construction site murder could not have been committed by the Tamiami Trail killer. Now she wants revenge by pinning all the murders on him. Ironically, LaGuerta is on the right track but for the wrong reasons. Dexter convinces LaGuerta that Deborah is in danger, and she helps him get behind the secure fence. However, LaGuerta mistakenly allows Dexter to search the containers on his own. Dexter finds Deborah. The reader sees Deborah all alone and is anxious to move to the next chapter to find out if there is a killer or if Dexter is the only suspect.
Chapters 26-27 and Epilogue Summary
Dexter stares at Deborah and wonders how he knew to find her here. Dexter thinks he must have put her there. However, this theory is blown out of the water when a man steps out of the shadows. This man looks exactly like Dexter, only bigger. The man begins to speak, asking Dexter if he remembers this place. Dexter does not, but a memory is slowly beginning to make its way to the surface. The man tells Dexter how when he was four and Dexter was three, their mother crossed a drug dealer for whom she worked. The drug dealer killed their mother by chopping her into pieces with a chainsaw along with several male associates. The drug dealer then left the two little boys in the pools of blood for three days before they were finally rescued by the police.
The Tamiami Trail killer is Dexter\'s brother. Dexter is both shocked and excited by this idea. Dexter\'s brother, Brian, explains how he found Dexter and learned that Dexter, too, was a serial killer. Brian began to imagine the two of them killing together. Brian wants Dexter to help him kill Deborah. Before Dexter can respond, LaGuerta comes into the container. LaGuerta pulls her gun and shoots Brian just as he manages to stab her in the gut. Dexter is left standing over Deborah with the knife in his hands. Dexter wants to kill; the Dark Passenger is raging inside him, but the memory of Harry\'s teachings keeps him from committing the act. LaGuerta raises up and tries to shoot Dexter, but she is too weak and is brought down again by Brian. Brian encourages Dexter to kill, but still he resists.
Brian gets away and LaGuerta is dead. Deborah now knows about Dexter and, like Harry, has vowed to help protect him. Dexter thinks about LaGuerta and how good it felt to kill her with his brother\'s help. Dexter wonders if he will see his brother again. Dexter does not know, but he does know that life will never be the same again. Dexter also thinks about Doakes. Doakes thinks he knows Dexter\'s secret. Perhaps Doakes will be the Dark Passenger\'s next victim.
Chapters 26-27 and Epilogue Analysis
Dexter finds Deborah and still believes that he somehow kidnapped his sister in his sleep. However, this proves to be untrue when a man, greatly resembling Dexter, steps out of the shadows. This man knows a great deal about Dexter and is excited to see him. Dexter is confused, beginning to remember things long forgotten. Finally the truth of Dexter\'s past is revealed, confirming everything the reader has suspected and everything that Dexter has questioned. Dexter was left at the scene of a terrible murder for three days when he was just three years old. This trauma caused the emotional scars that have left Dexter an emotionless serial killer. It is this trauma when Dexter was just a toddler that has contributed to Dexter\'s personality as a serial killer.
The Tamiami Trail killer is Dexter\'s own brother. Dexter is both relieved by this news and excited. Dexter has a brother, someone just like him, with whom he can share his darker side. However, Brian wants to share Deborah as their first kill. Dexter turns to Deborah and ponders the question. This dilemma touches on both the theme of family and morality. Dexter cannot kill Deborah because she is the only family he has. Beyond this, however, Dexter also knows that he cannot kill Deborah because it goes against everything Harry taught him. Deborah has done nothing wrong; she is not the criminal Harry taught Dexter to kill. Dexter cannot kill Deborah, yet his Dark Passenger wants to kill.
When LaGuerta walks into the container, it seems all is over for Dexter. However, Brian stabs LaGuerta before she can hurt anyone. Brian then continues to encourage Dexter to kill Deborah. Instead, Dexter turns his knife on LaGuerta. LaGuerta fits Dexter\'s morality radar better because she is an inept detective, who has allowed criminals to go free and has locked up men who did not deserve it. Not only this, but LaGuerta threatens Dexter\'s safety. Now Dexter will be safe. At least for a while, assuming Doakes cannot prove any of Dexter\'s crimes. However, Dexter also knows he must deal with Doakes, something he vows to do soon. Now Deborah knows about Dexter and seems as committed as her father to protect him, despite the fact that she once wanted to turn him in as the Tamiami Trail killer. It is an ironic twist of fate that Deborah has learned the truth and decided to protect her foster brother. Then again, it could just be another example of the theme of family, a sister protecting her brother.


Book Report: Darkling Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay
The Darkly Dreaming Dexter is a first person story which was narrated by a serial killer. Dexter claims that he does not have any human emotions and therefore doesn’t have feelings of any type for the people in his life which included his girlfriend Rita whom he dates for the simple reason as to gain the normal appearance of social life, her children and her foster sister Deborah.
Dexter’s life to be a serial killer was attributed to the fact that he was found at a scene of crime by a police officer in which her mother was brutally murdered. Unknowingly, he had an elder brother whom his whereabouts we were not told until the end of the story when the brother identifies himself to Dexter. Brian was taken by the child welfare while the police detective, a Mr. Harry adopted Dexter and treated him as his own son only to realize that Dexter had some funny dark behaviour. Dexter confides to him that indeed, he had some dark desires to kill people. This desire to kill people was referred to as the dark passenger who gave Dexter the urge to kill. His foster father noted that there was no help he could give Dexter other than to advice him how to play it safe without being caught. He advised Dexter how to use his dark side of live in a positive way by only killing people who deserved to die and fake emotions so that he can keep fit. Basing on his experience as a detective, Harry teaches Dexter all the secrets about crime scenes and how the evidence can be concealed and he becomes his moral compass. In the moral sense, one will wonder if this was the right way Harry could have handled the situation. Dexter follows his foster father’s rules and even refers to them as “The Codes of Harry”.
The first victim of murder which was executed by Dexter is one of the nurse who was also a serial killer who murdered her sick patients by administering them with overdoses of morphine. The Nurse, Mary had also attempted to kill Harry Morgan, Dexter’s foster father and therefore, Harry signals Dexter that he had to deal with her. Dexter realizes that dealing with the nurse meant killing her and he does exactly that.
The idea of Dexter having sex with her dear girlfriend Rita is never appealing to him since he hides his sociopathic nature. Fortunately, Rita was abused in her previous marriage by a drug addict and therefore she has no feelings about being intimate. Dexter lacks the emotions to play sex with her girlfriend but sincerely loves Rita’s children. He is in this relationship as a disguise. He paradoxically finds Rita’s children to be more interesting and therefore he becomes wrathful when he kills the priest who had preyed on children and killed them. Unfortunately, Dexter loves Rita’s children for the wrong reason, that they had also developed signs of sociopathy like him and therefore he feels it pleasurable to give them the neces...

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