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Please see attachment for detail. NOTE: Please make sure and double check the grammas and references page are correct APA format. -Reference only within 4 years from 2012 source..

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The website that was completed was The site was very user friendly as it gives guidelines on the exact information required in every field. For instance, the health records history there are examples that give the exact ailments that one can site. In addition, there are examples of ailments that the patient has been treated for ensuring they enhance once memory.
It feels embarrassing to fill personal information especially online where one is not certain of the actual credibility of the website. The major benefits that this communication provides are that one is able to understand oneself. Indeed, it gives a chance for everyone filling to be very cautious and observant of their health and understand that their health is more important as a record. The barriers include the worry of privacy and confidentiality (Skolnik, 2010).
The organization and presentation of the records is well organized since it is divided into parts and the smooth flow is guaranteed in the systematic approach of the questions. The sections are well explained and planned in that they are grouped specifically according to purpose. The language is very clear and free from jargons with well explained statements. In fact, the question has a clarification with clear examples given below each so as to expound on the meaning of the statements. It gives a clear specific guideline and ensures that there are...
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