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Computer Forensics: Cybercriminals, Laws and Evidence (Essay Sample)


required to submit an answer to the practical question on p. 50 from Maras Book.
Book: Maras, M.H. (2014). Computer Forensics: Cybercriminals, Laws and Evidence. New York: Jones and Bartlett, Second Edition.
1. Use definitions, for example, define hearsay (you can use the book's definition)
2. Give me the blur of the story
3. Your analysis/answer the question
1. the story/case
2. definition/analysis
3. if you are ambitious, you will add also advice at the end (you want to create solutions, not just state the issues)
your own structure - but should be logical
Most importantly:
use references
use word doc
limit sentences to 22 words
I encourage you to post in the Monitoring Lab - What is going on in the CyberWorld? Come on guys, spread awareness. Find something interesting and let people know - by people I mean - US - your community.


Cybercrime – Case Study
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February 25, 2018
While the concept of Cybercrime has been around for almost a decade, knowing the full breadth of illegal activities that need to be considered and sanctioned has been a trouble for most countries. Nevertheless, the United States Department of Justice has provided the definition of cybercrime as being “any illegal activity for which a computer is used as its primary means of commission, transmission, or storage” (, n.d.). While this might seem as ‘lacking' in terms of definition, it still encompasses the whole idea of it. Back in 2016, one of the biggest cybercrimes has been committed against the popular social network,, which is being run by FriendFinder Networks Incorporated. During the attack, it was said that 412 user network accounts have been exposed as hackers managed to enter the network's mainframe and gather all the data (, 2016). This then created

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