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The demographic transition model (Essay Sample)

write the 4 stages of the Demographic Transition Model (Death rate, Birth rate, & type of growth for all stages along with how/change/advancement for a country to move through the stages) but dont make the writing looks too good please. source..

The demographic transition model

The demographic transition model
The demographic transition model describes population changes over a given period of time. Population in countries changes every year and the demographic transition is an idealized model that provides a composite depiction of the population changes in any country. The demographic transition model is divided into four stages as discussed below.
Stage one
In this stage, the birth rates and death rates are high. The fluctuation between birth rates and death rates is quite high and there is no population growth. Countries at this stage exhibit minimal growth because the trends to be a balance between the death and births.
Stage two
The second stage is characterized by low death rates although birth rates are still high. The number of infants and people losing lives declines significantly, while the number of births increases steadily. As a result, countries at this stage exhibit greater population growth because there are more births than deaths.
Stage three
At this stage, the death rates are already low while the birth rates begin to decline. The number of births decline and since the number of deaths is still low; countries at this stage may experience a slight population growth. There is low infant mortality rate and probably increased industrialization, which is the reason why births are declining.
Stage four
At this stage, birth rates have declined and are ver...
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