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Cultural Diversity (Essay Sample)

Gender typing is defined as the way in which people acquire gender appropriate preferences, skills, personality attributes, behaviors, and self-concepts. Data have shown that gender-typing can begin at a very young age, even in infancy. What effect does gender typing during early childhood have on attitude towards gender later in life? Please provide research to answer the following questions: 1. When parents or caregivers direct children away from toys that are associated with the opposite gender, what message is being sent? 2. If there is a message, do children take this message with them into teen years and adulthood? 3. Does gender typing result in gender discrimination and negative attitudes toward the opposite sex? Or towards homosexuality?. source..
Cultural Diversity Name: Course title: Professor: Institution: Date Due: The research vividly indicates that parents or caregivers are the basic source of gender socialization among children. Through various aspects such as play, modeling or normal interactions, most children synthesize the caregiver’s messages concerning gender roles and stereotypes. We may offer an example of a play environment where these children are made to decide on the type of costumes to wear. In these situations, most parents and caregivers will portray the stereotyping of societal gender by asking these children to put on costumes that are at “par” with their sex. Therefore, parents contribute much to gender stereotyping among children. Maccoby, (2009) supports this notion when he argues that parents and caregivers intent to socialize boys and girls in different ways, though it may not be intentional to them. In most cases, gender typing results into discriminatory practices of individuals in teenage and adulthood. In addition, it also results into specific expectations of gender roles during this period. Discrimination refers to the aspect of an ind...
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