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Cross curricular lesson plan critique (Essay Sample)

I'm goign to attach the lesson plan and I need to critique it: 1- The lesson plan format itself. Does it include enough information? The right infomation? Assessment? 2- The time format: Is there enough time allowed for real linking of subjects? 3- The combination: how an why are the subject combined? 4- The activies used in the lesson plan. 5- What do you adopt/avoid from this example. source..

Cross curricular lesson plan critique
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22nd April 2013
Lesson plan critique
It is reasonable to comment that the lesson plan format itself is not very appealing to the user. Instead, I recommend that the content in the lesson plan should be organized in columns since this will make it more effective for the teacher to use it efficiently during the teaching-learning process. In this case, there should be a minimum of four columns for time, content, learning activities and learning resources. Notably, the lesson plan has got the right information even though some crucial details have been omitted. For example, the lesson plan does not indicate the name of the class yet the schools might have more than two streams of 2nd and 3rd grade level. The lesson plan should also have clear assessment strategies such as use of tests and questions since a follow up activity is not adequate to assess learners.
Apparently, the time allocation for the lesson plan is very poor and might not be adequate for real linking of the subject. A good lesson plan should show how the teacher will utilize the allocated time to introduce, develop and conclude the lesson. In this case, the teacher should use approximately 5 minutes to link the lesson with the previous one, use 35 minutes to develop the lesson and 5 minutes to conclude. The subject combination is not good especially for 2nd and 3rd grade learners. Therefore, it should be split to allow learners to learn each concept at a time since they cannot comprehend all the shapes in one lesson
Activities used in the lesson plan are appropriate since they will encourage learner...
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