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Cross Cultural Differences between Western and Eastern (Essay Sample)

Explain some of the main cross-cultural differences between Western(US, Canada, Europe....) and Eastern (Middle East, Asia....) cultural ethics in general (ex: impact of religion, values, business behavior, gender differences, sexual orientations....etc) . Please use online sources for help and site all references at the end of your paper source..
Running head: CROSS CULTURAL DIFFERENCES Cross Cultural Differences between Western and Eastern Name University Course Tutor Date Introduction Generally, the cultural orientation among the people of western world differs from that of the people from the East. These differences emerge from different aspects such as values, region, business behavior, gender and communication among other issues. These differences in culture result in different socio-politico-economic systems and paradigms (Chang, n.d.). These aspects tend to be culture bound and this makes it essential to understand the differences in culture among different groups. Therefore, this paper examines some of the cultural variation among the people from the West and those from the East in order to know how communicate to and relate with them. Differences in Business Behavior There are several aspects of divergence between the business behaviors in the Western such the people from the United States and Britain, and that of people from the East such as China and Japan. The western culture embraces individualism while the Eastern people embrace collectivism. For instance, Americans believe that individuals are more important while the Asian such as Chinese value the groups such as families, companies and communities, and consider individuals to be part of a group (Chang, n.d.). Americans tend to pursue individual goals and individuals are accorded natural rights and conventional freedom. The belief in strong individualism is what has generated a self governing free market economy which where individual investors and consumers are engaged in trade to generate profits (Lu, Gilmour & Kao, 2001). The competition among the individuals in America is what is believed to be the force that drives socio-economic progress. This encourages stiff competition among the corporations in America and only the companies with adequate resources are able to sustain competition and succeed. On the other hand, E...
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