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Critique Sample Essays (Essay Sample)

Use the Five Traits of Effective Writing to critique the two sample essays here. State which pattern of organization is used in each essay and which grade you would give each one. source..
Critique Sample Essays Name: Course: Professor Name: (October 15, 2011) Critique Sample Essays Every written essay must have the characteristics of a good essay so as to be classified as excellent. These are the word choice (accurate, specific and strong words); sentence fluency (should be smooth and easy to understand); conventions (grammar, spelling and punctuation); the content (must be well developed); the organization (introduction, body and conclusion); and the voice of the paper. In the first sample paper Immigration in America, the organization of the paper is very effective in that it has an introduction, body and conclusion. However the essay does not have a clear thesis statement that describes what is covered in the essay. The body is quite detailed since it has the facts and figures analyzed on the topic. The content is well developed and researched in view of the fact that there are a lot of explanations and justifications in the essay. The word choice is also accurate, specific and strong and they are much related to the topic. The sentence fluency is also well...
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