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critique of romantic comedies and romantic movies (Essay Sample)

ENG_101_23 (ENG_101_C23) - Research and Composition critique of romantic comedy >romantic movies as a reflection of our culture > feminist, anti - feminist >romantic movies : what messages are they sending * a common idea " a woman's life isn't really complete,even if she is a successful businesswoman ect., ,and all her problems wont be solved until, she falls in love and gets married." Ect. > finally a look at the bechdel test SOURCES: Your final paper must utilize at least five sources, and instead of the normal Works Cited, you will use an **Annotated Bibliography**. You will be allowed one Internet source, and at least one scholarly /academic source is required. source..
Movies and Culture Name: Institution: Thesis Statement Majority of the romantic movies are a reflection of our culture, as they directly or indirectly infer about love within the society. Synopsis Released in the month of June 2009, the proposal is one the best American romantic movies that ever graced the screens. It features Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds as the main characters in the movie, in which Anne Fletcher was the director of the story by Peter Chiarelli. The support roles in the movie were taken by Mary Steenburgen, Craig Nelson and Betty White. The movie starts off by showing how successful Margret Tate (Sandra bullock) was having been a chief editor of one of the publishing company. She was tough as is always the case with most of the boss ladies who have made it. Her employees hated her given that she was an invincible boss and career minded. Although she was not the stereotyped boss lady that most of the other movies try to sell, she had her share of strictness and focus on the job that she never had the time to meet any man. Andrew Paxton had been the assistant to Tate at the publishing company. It happened, one morning she was informed of the fact that she would be deported to her motherland, Canada. Quickly she retorted by saying that she is engaged to the assistant, who was not even aware of the arrangement. When Andrew is informed of the plans by her boss, he agrees on condition that she promotes him and has his book manuscripts published into a book. She had been very hard on him before this time, but the tables turn and it is Andrews turn to make the demands. By marrying the assistant who is a native, she would have the chance of beating the immigration office directive (Donahue, 2012). After they have both made their blackmail demands clear they fly off to Sitka in Alaska, where the two go to meet Andrew’s parents. This is in a bid to make sure that they appear as legit as possible to the immigration office.It is also convenient for Andrew as he had planned to go home and visit his 90 year old grandmother and therefore takes this chance to bring Tate home. It turns out that Andrew’s parents are very rich as most of the businesses in that town are owned by the family, not forgetting that they live in a Manson other than cabins that Tate had come to expect, given that it is in the rural areas of Alaska. Andrew’s father is not happy with him, as he feels that he is using the union with the boss to get ahead in his career while Tate is using the son to avoid deportation. Andrew’s grandmother who comes out as loud but is also kind, and shows Tate that she is welcome. After the fall out with his father, Andrew is asked by Tate about the relationship that they had with him, but hedeclines to explain. However Tate finds it easy to open up to Andrew about her life. The following day Tate is still disturbed by the sight of Andrew’s family closeness. She had never had a chance to be ain a family that is so c...
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