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Crime Scene Review (Essay Sample)

Case Study Your assignment is to read the Case Study document in the Course Content. This document describes a homicide case that includes crime scene sketches, a list of evidence at the scene and the results of specific analysis, photographs of the scene, preliminary and follow-up investigative reports, a list of investigative contacts and suspects, and some constitutional challenges to the case in the form of a motions hearing. You will write a report that addresses the issues and problems listed. References must include the text and at least three external scholarly sources that support the points you make in the report. Your paper must include the following: discussion of the crime scene investigation and analysis of the evidence at the scene discussion of investigative steps and strategies involved in this homicide investigation discussion of both interviews of witnesses and interrogation of suspects explanations to counter defense efforts to suppress evidence (constitutional challenges) an analysis of what you learned in class and how it was applied in this case, including any glaring differences between the text and the application process The list above is to be used only as guidance in collecting information for the final product; items above are not to be listed and/or used as topical items in the final paper. source..

Crime Scene Review
Ashley Nicole Smith is a victim of a homicide that took place at the Old Annapolis Road, in Columbia. The crime took place from around twelve thirty to five thirty in the morning, on third of November year two thousand. After the discovery of her body in a wooden surrounding behind the road of Old Annapolis, two truck drivers signal the police who on first arrival confirm that Ashley was already dead. After a reasonable time of investigation, a crime report was made through the sketches and photos made in the scene, and a list of evidence that was collected from the scene. In addition, there are follow-up and preliminary investigative reports and a record of several investigative suspects and contacts that was a guide to solid evidence (Fisher, 2004). Find herein a review of the crime scene report, as outlined from the report and the various sketches, photos and other investigative reports made by the investigators.
Crime scene surveillance
The first witnesses of the homicide were two truck drivers namely William Birmingham and Irvin Fornoff. On their call to the patrol officers, the Howard patrol units responded to the call and were dispatched to a wooden surrounding at the back of nine thousand one hundred and seventy, Old Annapolis Road at ten forty six in the morning, on third November year two thousand. The patrol officers discovered that the woman might be dead. The PFC. Malcolm was the one who responded to the scene of crime and found the two truck drivers who worked for Standard Medical Imaging. The truck drivers made a statement that they saw a large puddle that was red, indicating that it had fresh blood. They noticed the paddle when making a U-turn at the parking lot at the back of the building (White, 1986). On exiting their truck, the drivers looked down the edge and immediately noticed that a body that lied on the woods, partially clothed. The PFC. Malcolm confirmed it was the body of a young, white deceased female after he was got closer to the scene. The neck and face of the female was full of blood. The patrol units made an establishment of a crime scene perimeter by the other units of patrol, forensic technicians; the mobile authority post as well as other several investigators came to the scene. The PFC. Malcolm ensured that the scene was not tampered with, by maintaining tight security through the help of uniformed officers and barrier tape.
Evidence collection at crime scene
The Deputy CPL was told that the body of the victim was not yet recognized. The technicians to the crime scenes were almost through with the processing of the scene, as they had taken the necessary information that was needed for the investigation. The scene as well as the body was videotaped and photographed from every angle at the ground and from the helicopter. In addition, there was some more evidence that were collected at the scene of cr...
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