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Create an APA-Guide Sheet: NCU Academic Success Center (Essay Sample)


Assume that you are a graduate student serving as a Teaching Assistant for a technical college. You are teaching an introductory writing course to incoming freshmen, and most of them came from a local magnet high school focusing on technology. Many of them need to be brought up to speed on writing skills and expectations for writing assignments for their future courses.
For this assignment, use the NCU Academic Success Center resources and also the OWL Purdue website. Do NOT include individual Reference and Citation formatting information in this assignment. We will cover individual Reference and Citation formatting information in a future assignment.
Create a guide sheet for your students, in which you:
1.Provide APA-style information expectations for their future papers. Indicate the correct formatting and components for the following items:
a.Title page and Reference page
c.Margins, line spacing, paragraph indention, page numbers, fonts, font sizes, running heads, section headers
2.Provide a short explanation of the purpose and importance of including introduction and conclusion paragraphs.


APA Guidelines
Student's Name
Institutional Affiliation
APA Guidelines
You will be required to format your papers according to the APA guidelines. This means that all your papers must be created using the APA style guidelines. The general guidelines are as follows:
* Allow 1 inch margins around the paper (top, bottom, and sides as well).
* The paper should be double spaced.
* It is recommended to Times New Roman font, size 12.
* Every word of each paragraph should be indented (one half inch).
* Every page should have a header referred to as “running head”.
Components of an APA paper
For your papers to be accepted as APA formatted papers, they should include the following four major sections.
* Title page.
* Abstract.
* Body.
* References.
* Title Page
This section should have the following information; paper title, running head, name of the author, name of the institution, and date. Follow the steps described above when creating a running head.
Note: only the title page should include the words “Running head” before the title of the paper. All preceding pages should not include these words in the header.
Running head: PAPER TITLE 1
* The title should provide a clear picture of the whole essay but should not contain any abbreviations. It should be centered and be in Times New Roman font size 12, but not underlined, bolded or italicized.
* It might be one or

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