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Create a Briefing on Lessons Learned About Project Processes (Essay Sample)

Write a 3 page briefing about a project you are familiar with, describing—from a process perspective—lessons that can be learned from the project. source..

Project Report
Renewable energy harnessing has been on the lime light for some time now. The Green Ace project is one of the projects that received massive support from the government and investors alike. Its solar mission is in line with the efforts put forward for the climatic changes in the world, at the national level through the plans of action put in place. It was set up to bring to the table a new dimension of providing reliable and green energy that will effectively face out the fossil fuels and nuclear sources of energy. These sources have adverse effects on the health of the whole population and the environment. The first step involved setting up the photovoltaic system devices throughout the country, giving priority to the areas that do not have reliable electricity sources (Cooler planet, 2012). The second phase was the connection of the whole system to the national smart grid system, for effective monitoring and equitable power generation and distribution. The projects main objective was to pump in to the grid system an extra 100MWh, which in itself was capital demanding to setup and maintain. The capital base to fund the project was sourced from individual investors, environmental agencies, the European Union and the Korean government. Bidding preceded the tendering process, where the lowest bidder, Sun Technologies a South African company, won the tender. The project location is in an area called Sewa near New Delhi in India, which about 900 square metres of open fields. The area is flat with no recorded disturbances such seismic activities, which makes it ideal for the solar photovoltaic installation.
Factors affecting the project
The project success has been spotted with a number of challenges, all of which have dragged the project in its tracks to completion and successful operation. The costs of the devices in use are quite expensive, thus limiting the speed at which the project can be completed. The prices of the devices (technology costs) largely ties to the policies in the country, which do not favour importation. This constrain also ties to the financing options, where the monies are not free flowing, and the project has to stall in till the funds from the various investors which are availed in batches come in. the cost of energy that is generated by the solar project in relation to the hydro-generated electricity, is not significantly minimal. This is a result of the costs in technology and initial setup cost, which is the passed on to ...
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