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Court Yard Disturbances (Essay Sample)


Hi this is a letter to the tenants outlining certain types of behaviours that have raised concern by the management group. The two apartment buildings are divided by a large court yard. This court yard backs onto many tenants balconies and the following behaviours have been observed
Kids Kicking the soccer ball and damaging the video equipment,specifically the lense on the exterior camera.
-Damaging of the grass, to the extent that it requires replacement.
-Non Supervision of children playing in the court yard
Leaving personal items is not permitted including law chairs , balls, and other various toys are interfering with the landscapers.
A park is located close by and we encourage the families to use this facility, instead of allowing the loud noises and disruptive behaviours that are interfering with the reasonable enjoyment of the tenants.


Court Yard Disturbances

Raven Property Management
Boulevard Street 746448
Tel: 555 974 846 847
15th august 2015
Dear Tenant,
Following several complaints filed through the office of the property manager, it has come to the attention of the management that there are some disturbances in the court yard (The Tenants' Voice, 2014). Complaints pointed to the fact that within the large court yard dividing the apartment buildings, some of the children have been playing soccer ball and causing damage to the video equipment, especially to the exterior camera. In some of the cases, glass panes to the houses have been damaged completely requiring replacement.
Tenants are kindly reminded that, children should not play in the court without supervision. It is also highly encouraged that, tenants collect any play items such as lawn chairs, toys and balls from the court yard (The Tenants' Voice, 2014). This will highly facilitate the ease with which the landscapers can work without interference from items left strewn on the yard. The items can also cause accidents to other tenants and thus it is highly encouraged that tenants using the court yard do not endanger others occupants by leaving the play items.
The management would also want to encourage parents to use the designated park that is located nearby, which is solely established for outdoor activities for the entire families.Tenants are encouraged to make use of this facility to ensure that, other occupants of the apartment are not exposed to the loud noises coming from playing children at the court yard (The Tenants' Voice, 2014). This will further the cohesive coexistent of the tenants without inf...
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