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Couple Interview Process and your Personal Reactions (Essay Sample)


Couple Interview: Find and interview a couple for 30 minutes using the strength-based assessment questions discussed in class. This interview should focus on strengths and positive communication strategies used by the couple to maintain and enhance their relationship. This is not a counseling session! Be sure to stress this with the couple you’ve chosen, and work to veer away from current problems they are facing. This is an opportunity for you to practice a strength-based assessment with a couple, and to explore communication patterns within their relationship. You are to write a 2 page reaction paper following the interview on:
• The experience of the interview process and your personal reactions.
• Communication patterns you identified in the couple and their relationship.
• How diversity factors (gender, age, culture, race, religion, etc.) have impacted the couple.
• How the couple’s identified strengths have helped them overcome and/or avoid problems.


Couple Interview
Brad and Kate (not their real names) have been together for two years now and have had a successful relationship. Brad is 28 years of age and works as a software engineer at one of the leading firms while Kate who is 27 is an associate lecturer at a local university. The interview process was quite fulfilling with all the parties being forthcoming and cordial about their relationship and how they view certain aspects of the union relative to their communication strategies. Although much of the reactions to the questions and evaluation were smooth, there were some very significant patterns that could be identified.
From the interview it was clear that Brad had the upper hand when it came to the communication strengths. He was able to express his ideas with ease and even speak to his emotions. There was an element of superiority in the way he was able to articulate questions and relate them to their relationship and further explore ways of expressing underlying feelings. This was quite different from Kate, who in this case, has problems communicating some of her ideas about their relationship. This also took a trend that indicated a mild strain in their ability to communicat...
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