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Country Comparison (Essay Sample)

After watching The Story of Stuff, reading about the Happy Planet Index (HPI), and watching Hans Rosling's New Insights on Poverty TED talk, reflect on how you feel about your sense of place in the world. Where do you see the current global trends leading? Are you hopeful? Afraid? Are there any surprises that have come up during the course of this unit that have changed how you think? Are there any changes you are inspired to make? Write a personal reflection of about 500 words. Be sure to make reference to the course material in your reflection. 1. Choose one high-income country and one low-income country. Choose countries that have not appeared so far in this unit of the course – this is a great opportunity to widen your familiarity with the world. 2. Research the culture, political situation and geography of the two countries. 3. Use Google's public data explorer, and other sources, to gather information about the demographics, fertility trends, life cycle trends, mortality, health care, education and economy of these two countries. Consider where the countries are now, where they came from, and where they are heading. 4. Write a comparative essay of 1000 - 1250 words comparing and analyzing the differences between the two countries. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the interconnectedness of the different factors we've learned about during this unit, especially your understanding of the social forces that shape trends. Feel free to add pictures and graphs in your paper. source..
Interconnections Name: Institution: Introduction There are a myriad of factors that define how well a country is doing and by extension, how it is graded within the two classes of income, that is, the low income and the high income countries classes. All the factors that define the country into these classes are highly interconnected, to form cycles and webs of fundamental relationships. This paper will only sample two of these countries, which are one from each of the classes. In this case Saudi Arabia will be compared to Haiti, on different levels that are basically the characteristics that make these two unique and different from one another (World Bank, 2013). Saudi Arabia Within the Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia covers around two thirds, which is roughly two million kilometers squared. Vast amount of its lands are covered by desert and semi arid areas, as such rivers and lake inside the lands are very rare. Although most it is plains, there are plateaus and mountains. This geography, therefore limits the kind of wild life found here, to those that can with stand the harsh climate. Politically this country follows the Islamic law to the letter, which does not allow formation of political parties mainly because it is a monarch in its entirety (Index Mundi, 2013). Saudi Arabia traditions and cultural practices have spread through the ages along the Arab and Islam orientation. They hold a very strict set of cultural values and most of them are actually spelt out in their legal framework. Aspects like the freedom of expression are foreign to this country, as they are against their Islamic faith (Index Mundi, 2013). Topics that are deemed to expose the country indecently, such as acts of human trafficking, roles of women, social and natural disasters cannot be deeply discussed (World Bank, 2013). The media is closely controlled by the government, as such, the entertainment content that is aired by the media stations, video games , movies, books and other media platforms have to be thoroughly checked for immorality and offences that are political before they get to the masses. In this country there are no labor movements and even though there are legal organizations, their powers are quite limited to the extent that they cannot easily influence the policies that the government has set in place. Even the music that is played in this country is regulated by their faith, where only traditional folk dances which do not have musical instruments like the guitar. Religion is the central piece of this nation, which is categorically Islamic. As such the dress dictates that all persons must wear clothes that conceal their bodies. Demographical, Saudi Arabia has a population of roughly 30 million and five out of this are not nationals. The majority foreigners are mostly from India, Pakistan and Egypt. This number is set to drop as the government through the ministry of labor, has put a cap on foreigners at 20% of the total population. The high...
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