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Controlling Health Care Costs (Essay Sample)

Write a letter to Congress of 500-750 words, discussing the problems of rising health care costs, paying for the uninsured, and the aging population. Do you support a socialized or free-market health care system? Address the pros and cons of each and introduce the solutions that you believe exist to address these problems. Other things you might want to consider are: What have other nations done to control cost and provide health care? Have these methods been successful? Analyze one of these countries. source..
Controlling Health Care Costs Name: Institution: Date: To The United States Congress. RE: CONTROLLING HEALTH CARE COSTS. The United States health care spending has been on the rise nearing $3 trillion in the year 2012. An analysis funded by the Commonwealth Fund indicates that among 13 industrialized countries (Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, the U.K. and the U.S.) shows that the U.S.has the highest health care expenditure as compared to the other countries. The U.S. health care is being faced by several problems. Firstly, the health care is not accessible to all Americans. The American population is growing and the size of the population that is uninsured is also growing. By 2019, it’s expected that the uninsured population will increase to about 23.2% of the total population. There is also the problem of information asymmetry. People who are unaware of the health insurance rely on the emergency medical services for less serious illnesses and neglect preventive care. This leads to a late detection of illnesses, overcrowding and expensive treatment (Michael & Teisberg, 2006). Due to the high cost of health care and the rising health insurance premiums, most of the Americans are not insured while millions prefer to purchas...
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