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The Constitution; The Bill Of Rights, And Articles Of Confederation (Essay Sample)


All students have to write the reiteration of the following points in their own understanding and someway condense it in their own words.
1. The constitution; The Bill of Rights, and Articles of confederation.
- The Constitutional Convention
- The Preamble, Articles, and Amendments
- Establishing State Constitutions after the American Revolution
- The Elastic Clause


The Constitution
Student’s Name
The Constitution
The Constitution; the Bill of Rights, and Articles of Confederation
The Constitution defines the country’s system of government. The Constitution brought together ideas from many intellectuals and documents such as the Articles of Confederation (Marsh, 2011). It mainly stipulates how the federal government should be set and what it should do. Therefore, it is the supreme law of the country. It outlines the separation of powers between the executive, the judicial, and the legislative branches (Marsh, 2011).
The bill of rights is part of the Constitution. It refers to the first 10 amendments to it. Its ratification established the protections and rights for US citizens. It sets out the practices that the federal government should not engage in. Therefore, in some way, it restricts the actions of the government towards its people.
The Articles of Confederation is the country’s first constitution (Thompson, 2011). There was a need for a document to guide govern the country as it struggled to free itself from England rule. It was thus taken up in 1781 and it allowed for the states to remain independent and sovereign without a central authority. The Congress had the authority to address disputes, make alliances and treaties, coin money, and maintain armed forces (Thompson, 2011). The Articles was replaced in 1981 with the country’s current constitution.
The Constitutional Convention
This is the meeting in which delegates decided to do away with the Articles of Association and consequently draft the country’s constitution (Marsh, 2011). The meeting occurred in Philadelphia and ran from May to September of 1781. State legislatures s

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