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Conflict Resolution Models (Essay Sample)

I need a same writter who wrote 19621!!!!!(This is a mediation course.) I will be asked to analyze my conflict case scenario using the models presented in Gary Furlong's book. Expected length of paper: 3-5 pages double spaced Times New Roman 12. Instruction. I have to analyze my conflict case by use Furlongs books You have to apply 2 modells from the book. (The book including 8 modells but you have to choose only 2)She told us some like one looking the causes for example.I have to explain in the first page why I choose those model but you dont have to write 1 page for this just a few sentence why are you choose those 2 model. If you have any other question or you need more info I can ask the Prof. So feel free if it's not really clear the instruction to ask. She dont give us too much help on class but seh told us if we have any question don't hasite to ask her. source..

Conflict Resolution
St. Paul University
Name: Laura Di Dio
Course: ECS 2104
Date: 2012.10.01
Conflict Resolution Models
Conflict resolution mediation is a vital part of social interaction. In daily interactions, people are bound to step on each other’s toes and have disagreements. However, the crucial part is resolving conflicts as they arise. This is a fundamental social concept that helps in daily interactions. Researchers over the years have categorized conflict into different areas in an effort to understand the underlying concept behind conflict resolution (Furlong, 2005). Researchers have also broken down the various methods of conflict resolution in an effort to find out the root causes of conflicts, and the best ways of solving them. It is essential to note that conflict resolution is an extremely wide area of study that cannot be comprehensively covered, as there is new data and information every time coupled by new conflicts.
Using Gary Furlong’s models for conflict resolution, I will analyze a conflict case that happened in my life. The conflict arose when I embarked on redesigning section of my house, and employed the services of an interior designer, and a contractor who came with his crew to do the work. The conflict arose after I realized the construction crew was note following the design plans I had agreed upon with the internal designer. This resulted in a conflict that was later solved after open discussion with the parties involved.
According to Gary Furlong’s book on conflict resolution, he categorizes conflict resolution strategies into eight models. The first model is the circle of conflict that was originally developed by Christopher Moore. This model is used to categories the causes of conflicts into its causes and drivers into five categories (Furlong, 2005). They include relationship, data, values, structure and moods. The eighth model on conflict resolution is the Moving beyond Conflict Model. Gray compa...
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