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Conduct a job search (Essay Sample)

1. Conduct a job search using the method/source of your choosing. This may be for a real job that you would like to apply to, your first ideal job after graduation, or your dream job in the near future. Make sure the job posting provides a detailed description.You are not required to actually apply to this job--this is just for the purposes of this assignment. 2. Once you have found the job posting that you would like to use for the assignment, use the Job Deconstruction/Qualifications worksheet provided here to breakdown the posting and your fit for the position based on your previous experiences. Job Deconstruction-Qualifications UPDATED.docx 3. Based on the job description and worksheet, write a 1-2 page, single-spaced, paper as a Word or PDF document discussing the following topics: How/where did you find this job posting? Why did you select this posting for the assignment? How qualified do you feel you are for this position? Please explain. What major skills/experiences make you a good match for this job? OR if you are not a good match for this job, what new skills/experiences would you need to acquire? Assuming you were to apply for this position either now or in the future, how will you use the worksheet to help you develop your resume, cover letter, and interview preparation? How do you feel about this job after completing the worksheet compared to how you initially felt about the job posting? 4. Submit 3 items: your paper a copy of the job posting your worksheet source..
Job Description – Entry-level Associate Lawyer at Baker & McKenzie Your Name Subject and Section Professor’s Name November 4, 2019 I find the job posting for an Entry-level Associate for Baker & McKenzie while browsing through the web about jobs connected to the field of law. Accordingly, I chose this job posting because of the two things that have always piqued my interest, namely (1) business and (2) law. I always knew that I wanted to become a lawyer and a businessman, and I believe that becoming a corporate lawyer would be a good path before I venture into entrepreneurship to achieve my ultimate dream of becoming the CEO of my own company. As of today, however, I am far from becoming qualified for the position since it requires one to be a lawyer and to acquire an experience before applying. As of today, I am still studying for my undergraduate degree and have not even taken up a Juris Doctor (JD) degree. After that, I still need to pass the bar and gain experience from someplace else. Nonetheless, I believe that my personal skills are well fitted with the job description. I have good interpersonal skills, which includes socialization and communication skills. I am also dedicated and driven towards achieving the short-term and mid-term goals that I set ever now ...
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