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Conceptual application: self and others. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Conceptual Application: The Self and Others
Choose three of the following scenarios. For each scenario, describe how perception and self-concept are related, and write what you believe would be an effective response to the situation, in the voice of the person described. Compose your response by drawing on the text’s discussion of the topic that appears in brackets at the end of the scenario description. Then, explain why the person’s response to the situation would be effective using the five stages of perception to increase individual perceptual accuracy. The assignment must be submitted in APA format.
Your next-door neighbor is extremely secretive. You want to encourage greater disclosure, but do not want to seem pushy or nosy. What do you say? Through what channel? [Disclosure Encouragement]
You are dating a wonderful person who self-discloses easily and fully and who, unfortunately, is putting pressure on you to reveal more about yourself. You just are not ready to do so at this time. What do you say? Through what channel? [Disclosure Pressure]
You are going to start a new job—one that you hope you will keep for a major part of your professional career—and you really need honest feedback on your total performance at your present job. What do you say? To whom? Through what channel? [Blind Self]
Your partner forms initial impressions of people and never changes them. You want to show that this is illogical and prevents your partner from developing relationships with exciting people who may have given a negative first impression. What do you say? Through what channel? [Primacy–Recency]
Your friends overattribute your behavior, attitudes, values, and just about everything you do to your racial origins. You want to explain that this is illogical. What do you say? Through what channel? [Overattribution]
Your friends consistently attribute their successes to internal factors (intelligence, creativity) and their failures to external factors (the unfair test, the biased supervisor). You are determined not to fall into this attribution error and decide to have a talk with yourself. What do you say? [Attribution Error]


Conceptual Application: The Self and Others
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Conceptual Application: The Self and Others
Secretive next-door neighbor
Disclosure gives more confidence between people. I would start by informing my neighbor how I feel of him being a little conserved. Indirectly, I will tell him, “Hello, you never talk, is anything up? Something bothering you at work? By the way, what do you do? Where is your family? Is everything okay with them?” He will not ignore all these questions and will respond adequately. That is when I will engage him gradually, encouraging him to open up. 

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