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My Initial Attitude About Complemantary and Alternative Medicine (Essay Sample)


This is reflection paper. At the beginning i need to say about my initial attitude to CAT.I can say that i have positive attitude toward CAT. I was growing up in a family where it was some sceptical opinion about traditional medicine. In my professional practice our patients have some exposure to prayer and exercises. I work in LTAC hospital. Personally, i have experience in yoga classes and massage therapy. I need to tell about that (about personal exposure and professional to CAT).
Then, I need to tell about how CAT can fit with traditional medicine. I think that CAT can fit with traditional medicine. Then, I need to tell how CAT can affect a patient. Good or bad. Can it be harmful. 
Then, which ethical implications can be considered?


My Initial Attitude about Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Every river has a source. Similarly, each person has roots. Simply put, we can trace our origins to particular societies and cultures that we belong to. Within these cultural setups, we find distinctive ways of doing things. The most outstanding of all is the ways in which various cultures treat the sick. Way before the foundations of conventional medicine, people used to have ways in which they can heal or be healed. This is what has also, in turn, laid the foundations for complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). It is quite ironic that there are various critics of CAM, despite the fact that they might as well owe their existence to the successes of CAM at one time in the past. I hold a very positive perception of CAM, due to a combination of factors. These factors are encompassed in both professional and personal experiences.
Alternative medicine, even as its name suggests, is the utilization of any medical procedures or practices in healing, which lie outside the realm of conventional medicine. Virtually the entire body of complementary alternative medicine hinges upon culture and traditions thereof. Because earlier generations fully relied on CAM as their main and only method of medical treatment, it is, therefore, evident that CAM as a discipline is useful and worth embracing, even with the present technological and medical advancements.
Looking from a traditional point of view, the main focus of alternative medicine was to quickly resolve any ailment afflicting the body by checking on the main components of the body such as flesh and bones. An example of CAM is the use of some particular diet as a way of treating cancer, rather than the tedious, more expensive surgical processes as well as chemotherapy. I find this a particularly important concept in the whole discipline of medicine.
Personal and Professional Perspectives on CAM
From a personal standpoint, even though I know that my roots are traceable to a particular culture that valued CAM, my present, and the most recent background are entirely different. I have been brought up in a family that holds a very critical and skeptical view of CAM. Most, if not all of my family members have a very negative perception of traditional medicine. Most of them have been indoctrinated by the success of conventional medicine, as well as the continuing groundbreaking discoveries in the field that are being aided by the technological advancements of the current digital age (Olver & Robotin,2012).
Additionally, through the attendance of yoga classes and massages, I have come to hold CAM in very high regard. Yoga and massages are some of the most sensual experiences that an individual can go through. Every session in any of them usually reminds me of the immense power within me. It is some form of harnessing the inner power within the body to facilitate the self-recovery process. This kind of meditation is incredibly powerful and forms one of the main reasons why I value CAM. CAM has its therapeutic vestiges that conventional medicine tends to ignore (Novotny, 2014).
My guardians, for example, are very doubtful of these traditional forms of treatment. They believe that even though these methods have been practiced over the ages, the present strides made in conventional medicine have made CAM irrelevant. In some way, they try to discredit CAM for conventional medicine by basing their argument on the fact that it is these traditional sources that are used as ingredients of conventional medicine. That cannot be very far from the truth, especially when I look at the bigger picture. I, however, respect their opinion, considering that the two frameworks, alternative, and conventional medicine, are more or less intertwined...
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