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Comparison Paper (Essay Sample)

1. Comparison Paper (Juvenile Justice/Adult Justice Systems) The juvenile justice system is similar to the adult criminal justice system in many ways; however, fundamental differences do exist. In this assignment, you will: Compare and contrast the juvenile and adult criminal justice systems Analyze and describe how they are similar and how they are fundamentally different. Explain why the juvenile justice system is different, and the principles behind those differences. Note that this is not a research paper, but rather a reflective paper that analytically summarizes the course material presented in the textbook and within the online Course Content. Format Requirements · Double space · 12 pt. font · 1” margins · Use APA citations for all sources (outside references not required) · Include APA reference page (not included in word count) source..
Comparison Paper (Juvenile Justice/Adult Justice Systems) Name: Institution: Date: Similarities and differences between juvenile and adult criminal systems Juvenile courts came into existence in over a century ago. This came as a result of a progressive reforms series that respect the fact that children criminals had differing needs from the adult criminals (Myers, 2005). The courts were designed to rehabilitate and care instead of punishment. Because the courts intended to help juveniles instead of subjecting them to severe punishment, the judges dispensed with most of the constitutional procedures and rights that are inherent with proceedings of the adult criminals. There are a number of differences as well as similarities between the juvenile and adult criminal systems. However, these may differ from one state to another. Therefore, here is an analysis of the general similarities and differences and the principles behind the differences in the two systems. One of the major differences between juvenile and adult criminal systems is the aim of the two systems. They both deal with criminals and seek justice for the oppressed or the offended. However, the two systems tend to vary in their aim in that juvenile courts seek to rehabilitate by taking care of the young criminals while adult courts focus on punishing the guilty criminals (Siegel, & Welsh, 2011). The purpose of the juvenile systems is to accord the offenders with an opportunity to reform that they may resume their normal functioning and operations in the society. Therefore, the focus is on the sentences such as probation, diversionary programs and parole that would keep the offenders out of jail. On the other hand, the adult criminal courts focus on disciplining the offenders and making them pay for the crimes they have committed by the denial of their rights and limitation of movement and access to facilities among others. Another difference between the two is the terminology. The two system...
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