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Comparison between Basketball and Soccer Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Comparison-Contrast Paragraph: You will write a comparison-contrast paragraph. You may choose any comparison-contrast approach related to persons, places, or things. You must demonstrate mastery of the following in your paragraph, so make sure that the depth (length) of your paragraph is sufficient to demonstrate these concepts:
a. Topic Sentence – Be sure this is a general statement that identifies what you will compare and contrast. (10 points)

b. Body Sentences – Be sure to select ideas and write sentences that clearly compare and contrast two persons, places, or things and that are definitely related to the topic sentence. The quality and relationship of these sentences will be evaluated. (30 points)
c. Organization/Coherence: In comparison-contrast paragraphs, the organization of the sentences is very important. Be sure that you organize your paragraph in the best way possible. Select transitions for your paragraph that demonstrate your understanding of the order you select. At a minimum, you must use three (3) transitions to demonstrate your understanding of this concept. Highlight these transitions in yellow. (30 points)

d. Language Awareness: Your paragraph should demonstrate an awareness of language usage. For example, your writing should be exact, concise, and fresh. (10 points)
e. Concluding Sentence: Be sure to complete your paragraph with a well-written concluding sentence. (10 points)
f. Mechanics and Grammar – Be sure that you complete the final step of the writing process: proofreading. Your paragraph should definitely be free from sentence construction errors and should demonstrate correct use of verb tenses, subject-verb agreement, and pronoun use; in addition, it should be spell-checked.
(10 points)


Comparison between Basketball and Soccer
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Comparison between Basketball and Soccer
Sporting activities bring people from different walks of life together across the globe. While some fans fill the stadiums to watch the players live while they are engaging in action, others opt to follow the events from their homes either on television or social media. Soccer and basketball are among the most entertaining sports in the world. There are several teams from different countries that compete in different leagues and competitions. Despite being vastly different, soccer and basketball share a few things in common.

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