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Comparison and Critique of Three Research Studies (Essay Sample)


• Comparison and Critique of Three Research Studies Choose a topic of interest related to early childhood development and education. In your opening paragraph, indicate why this topic is relevant to you as an educator. -topic: the use of electronics in the classroom (Toddler classroom, preschool classroom and/or Kindergarten classroom). It is important to me as an educator because (here you can discuss how as a society we are becoming more and more dependant on technology etc) Choose three studies (These studies should be research articles that are scholarly, peer reviewed articles in which the author of the article is the one that actually did the study). The methods and viewpoints should diverge among the three studies. Use your understanding of the values and premises behind different approaches to research to consider the underlying assumptions of each study (these will be sent to you in power point format). • The Research Question - Identify the issues / questions being researched. What are the underlying assumptions (with regards to the research question)? In what ways does this research challenge or support general or your own long-held beliefs and practice? In which ways might this research influence practice in the future? (think about this in the perspective that you are an Early Childhood Educator) • Methodology – Provide a brief description of each study. Discuss the methods. What underlying assumptions have the researchers used? Are issues of diversity considered and addressed? • Critique - Identify any strengths and inadequacies in the research. Are there issues that should have been taken into consideration that were overlooked? How generalizable are the findings? Have our cultural values been identified, or questioned? How might you modify or extend this research in order to learn more? • Style – your paper must be clear, concise, with correct spelling and grammar. For your section on each study, there should be a clear introduction, middle and conclusion. Subheadings should be used. All ideas that have come from other sources must be properly referenced using APA format. You are encouraged to use sources in addition to class notes and readings. **write up format: -A brief introduction -then the critique/comparison (the research question, methodology, critique and style should be written up for all 3 articles. The write ups for each of the articles should be roughly 1000 words) and -finally a conclusion** -I will be emailing you some articles that you can use IF the study in them is by the author themselves, I will also email you acouple word documents of other people's rough drafts. Otherwise you need to get the articles (peer reviewed, scholoarly) Rationale Comparison and Critique of Three Research Studies - Finding and selecting relevant research, and developing the ability to think critically about the question, the methods, and the conclusions will help you to make good use of the wealth of research that is available to inform our decisions as educators. This assessment allows you to demonstrate the degree to which you have met the following learning objectives for this subject: o evaluate the appropriateness of different research approaches to investigating and addressing problems in early childhood education; o understand the different paradigms within which research in early childhood education is situated and explain the implications for the research process; o describe and comment upon current research in early childhood education; o analyze and critique reports of research into early childhood education / practice; o identify some research methods useful for educators\' research on their own professional practice; o understand how research is influenced by political, economic, and social forces in society. Please let me know if there is anything that is not clear http://www(dot)emeraldinsight(dot)com(dot)ezproxy(dot)csu(dot)edu(dot)au/journals.htm?articleid=1580627&show=html

Running Head: Literature and Language
Electronics use within the classroom
Electronics use within the classroom
The topic regarding electronics use within the kindergarten, preschool and toddler classroom has been very useful to me especially as an educator. This is due to the fact that society has been found to progressively turn out to be technology dependant. It is apparent that technology advancement is necessary for society and therefore individuals require awareness and knowledge regarding technology use so as to be successful in various undertakings which require technology use. Technology in this case may be looked upon as knowledge or science application to industry and commerce. Most nations have been found to effectively facilitate development activities through effective technology use. This has an implication that nations have to ensure that their citizens are aware of the various technology uses which are ever changing. Due to this, the topic is beneficial to me within kindergarten, preschool and toddler classroom due to the fact that it would make it possible for children to have suitable foundation for matters regarding technology. This would enable them to gain suitable knowledge which would enable them to grow and join the various development activities. They would therefore have knowledge ability to successfully handle various issues which require technology use and therefore they would be successful in their operations.
Researchers have been able to undertake various research activities which enable them to establish the importance attributed to electronics use within the kindergarten, preschool and toddler classrooms. The following are three research activities which attempt to effectively explain benefits which may be associated with inclusion of electronics use within the kindergarten, preschool and toddler classrooms.
The study by Mckenna, Zucker and Moody
Mckenna, Zucker and Moody involved themselves in a study in which they wanted to find out electronic books effects on children’s language and literacy outcomes. Electronic books may be looked upon as integrating technology’s prevalent method found in elementary and preschool classrooms (Zucker et al., 2009). Conversely, there is no sufficient consensus regarding electronic books effectiveness in literacy skills increase within decoding and comprehension domains. The above individuals therefore involved themselves in research to establish the reality regarding electronic books effectiveness on children’s language and literacy outcomes.
Issues which the research attempts to handle
It is apparent that the research attempts to clarify whether electronics utilization within kindergarten, preschool and toddler classroom are useful. This is due to the fact that technology has over time been looked upon as necessary and hence the need for researchers to establ...
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