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Compare and contrast Beowulf and Aeneas (Essay Sample)


Compare and contrast Beowulf and Aeneas.


Beowulf & Aeneas
The brainchildren of great classics that is Beowulf and Aeneas have become household names society basic morals as well as for the archetype warrior. Although crafted in different cultures, periods and era, and different settings they both have some common traits including their special intriguing relationship with respect to gods. These characters are portrayed as leaders in literature whose aim was to get the best for their people at all times. They all stood for righteousness. Although they are shown to be human and sometimes they wanted to give up, literature observes them perceiving and moving on with their quest. They were motivated by their culture and the characteristic possessed as heroes.
Their relationship to god was interesting, Beowulf is in many occasions seen giving thanks to his god for his great achievements, and he observes that god enables him to overcome challenges. Aeneas throughout his journey he is shown pleading, questioning, giving thanks, and conversing with god. They both present a familial sense and an acceptance of fate. There are many differences and similarities between the two concepts of god. The first issue observed by the two characters is how they owe their accomplishment to god.
Both Aeneas and Beowulf have a quest, an enemy, a goal, or a challenge. In both tales after conquering the enemies, they both acknowledge that it is not in their will power alone they have succeeded.

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