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Compare China and US Global Competitiveness Report Index (Essay Sample)


The World Metrics. A different world index and ranking will be
assigned to each individual student. Each student will develop an essay comparing for
that specific index the performance of the USA with another country (preferable from
your home country). In developing this essay, you will have to address: what the
selected index measure, how it does it and who publishes it. In addition, you will need
to develop the performance of the two countries on each one of the sub-index
components. Compare and contrast the performance of both countries over the last 5
to 10 years. What impact this index may have in the country development as well in its
integration to the global community. Analyze the topic by performing SWOT,
Stakeholder analysis, PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and
Environmental) analysis, Porter’s forces, etc.


China vs The USA
Student’s Name
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China Vs The USA
Over the last four decades, China has jumped from a poor countr to match and compete with the world’s giant economy, United States, after making major reforms in their market policies. The US has been the biggets and dominant economy for approximately 140 years, accounting for approximately 22% of the products an services in the global market (Schwab, 2016). The US tops in terms of GDP, but China is now ranked as the leading economy based on its stronger Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). A stronger PPP simply means a country’s currency has the ability to purchase more in different countries. Statistically, the Chinese economy is now worth $17.92 trillion, comparing to that of USA $17.8 trillion, indicating that the later is no longer the world’s largest biggest economy (Schwab, 2016). Although, Some economic critics suggest that the claim on China being the biggest economy today is misleading and inaccurate since China’s global presence and weight is limited to smaller region. Nonetheless, China’s economic rise cannot be ignored as it has been among the fastest growing economy in the world with a strong GDP and a substantial PPP. China’s success is majorly attributed to her decision to open up foreign market and investment alongside free-market reforms since 1979. Therefore, the paper employ the use of Global Competitiveness Report Index (GCR) and the PESTLE analysis tool to compare and explore the difference between the USA and the People Republic of China.
Global Competitiveness Report Index
GCR refers to an economic report index that is published by the World Economic Forum and used in ranking countries based on their economic competitiveness at the global level. GCR index specifically evaluates how nations provide better living conditions and prosperity to their citizens. The tool takes into consideration both the macroeconomic and microeconomic factors to establish the countries’ degree of competitiveness under a single index. In others words, the GCR index simply determines whether a country uses its resources productively or not
PESTLE Analysis
Political Factors
China has an particaly fabourable and unfavorable political environment for foreign business as the environment is characterized by political risks and instability. The political risk in China occurs as a result of frequent battles between the local, provincial and the country’s central government over the applicable business laws, thus making it difficult for companies to know what are the exact required regulations (Morrison, 2018). As a result, businesses in the tourism and foreign investment are hugely suppressed. By contrast, China business regulations and policies are also favorable to the locals and foreign firms as well (Morrison, 2018). For instance, since the 1979 trade reforms, the country has experienced dramatic economic growth as there has been an increase in personal freedom, social mobility, employment opportunities and access to information. Relatedly, China government has prioritized innovation through high profiles initiatives such as “Made in China 2025,” a plan that has inspired many businesses, especially in the manufacturing sector be more innovative (Morrison, 2018). The policy is majorly designed to favor China’s reliance on home-based technologies over foreign ones.
The United States, on the other hand, has a strong political profile that not only affects her internal activities but also meddles with matters of the other nations. The USA intervention policies that affect some parts of the world have always been criticized by global business ambassadors (Morrison, 2018). In ...

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