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The Metaphors of Light and Darkness in Sonny’s Blues Literature Essay (Essay Sample)


I have the requirement listed in the attachment.
Here is the link to the pdf file for the reading:


“Sonny’s Blues”
Please write a 2 - 2-1/2 page thesis-driven compare/contrast essay, answering ONE of the questions below.
In what ways are the narrator and Sonny similar and different? (or, you can choose one side and support that side).
In what ways do the metaphors of light and dark (darkness) compare and contrast?
Can you contrast the narrator with who he is at the start of the story with who he is at the end? Five-paragraph essay with thesis as the last sentence(s) of the Introduction Three body paragraphsEach body paragraph has at least one quote from the text This quote supports the point you are making and supports the thesis. Cite as best you can.
Each text quote is sandwiched. See my Sample. Also, this means you introducequote in your own words, quote, interpretation.
I&m uploading to Blackboard one literary criticism. Read it and be sure to cite it cByour Works Cited page. Don’t use quotes. Don’t quote or paraphrase. You are ling it to illuminate your understanding of the story.
Important—the lit criticism is only one person’s view—albeit it is an expert view (scholarly journal article), it may not coincide with what you think.
Conclusfbrl summarizes the main points of the 3 body paragraphs, echoes thesis and has a food for Bought statement Push yourself to do your best with tins. We will review them in class.Rough Draft dueb/18 (Tuesday) Hard copy ONLY. Double-spaced.
Final Paper due 2/24 kstart of class. The paper will be uploaded to SAFEASSIGN through Blackboard.


The Metaphors of Light and Darkness in Sonny’s Blues
The Metaphors of Light and Darkness in Sonny’s Blues
“Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin explores the tumultuous relationship between two brothers at different points in their existence. The story is told from the perspective of Sonny’s brother who is the narrator. Baldwin manages to use the various events in their lives to highlight the concept of light and darkness. Both light and darkness exist to reflect the similarities and differences in the lives of the brothers. By exploring the text, it is evident that darkness is used to depict the essence of suffering and pain faced by the brothers while light is used to reveal their connection and understanding of each other.
One way that darkness is used is to show the harsh reality of Harlem streets and community. As the story begins, the narrator argues “I stared at it in the swinging lights of the subway car, and in the faces and bodies of the people, and in my own face, trapped in the darkness which roared outside” (17). The darkness that the narrator is referring to is the social, economic, and physical barriers that the people of Harlem are trapped into. The story depicts the struggles of African Americans in a society where discrimination and inequality lead to increased poverty and hopelessness. Sonny lives in this poverty and economic instability because he does not have a job. The narrator also experiences darkness because he suffers for Sonny aft

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