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experience communication apprehension (Essay Sample)

Many people experience communication apprehension whenever speaking to individuals and/or groups, while others only experience apprehension in certain situations. Considering that employers value communication skills, it is important to know how to manage this anxiety in the best way possible. In a minimum of two paragraphs, explain why communication skills, including public speaking skills, are important for employers? What strategies can be used to manage public speaking anxiety? source..

Communication skills
Life is all about communication, without which, nothing like life would exist. Not only is it a way of getting to put something across, but also a way that people get to relate with one another. Communication is a key factor in organizations, and that is why it is very important that employers and employees are best equipped with communication skills especially that of public speaking. Communication skills are important to employers in the following ways; Communication skills are important for employers for the purpose of clear expression. Employers are supposed to be in public speaking since this enables them pass their message clearly to their employees or even in meetings or forums with other organizations. Furthermore, public speaking proficiency is important for leadership purpose. Employers are leaders and will have to communicate to its subjects for various purposes such as persuasion, motivation, or even to inform. They will be required to ask and respond to queries, and without the proficiency in public speaking; it will be cumbersome for the employers to run their roles. Additionally, employers handle diverse audience, thus, for them to communicate with them; they have to be perfect with their communication skills including public speaking skills. For example, when they want to hire new employees, they have to carry out interviews and determine the appropriate employee for the job. Thus, communication skills come in hand (Gerson,2007).
Not everyone is good with speaking in public that is public speaking. Public speaking has proved challenging and yet it is not hard to work on improving it. One way of improving it is by exercising to start with vigor as it prevents one from deve...
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