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Responses to the Posts from Colleagues Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Your comments to your peers should be no less than one paragraph.



Discussion Wk 2


Employers had always “been free to spy on, interrogate, discipline, discharge, and blacklist union members”, until the NLRA came to be in 1935. The NLRA “gave workers the right to organize, join labor unions, collectively bargain through representatives of their choosing, and strike” ( However, by 1945, those in power were not a fan of the boycotts and riots provided by the NLRA and the Taft-Hartly Act was enacted. This Act was a way to limit the “power of these unions” (, by outlawing closed shops and giving workers the right to decline to join a union by only permitting union shops if a majority of the employees voted for it. Because states are able to have their own say in these workforce related matters, right-to-work laws formed, giving states the authority to determine whether workers are required to join a labor union.

Through the enactment of the NLRA, the NLRB was formed. When looking into what the NLRB is responsible for in today’s job fields, I found a ‘job description’ on their website. The NLRB is currently responsible for conducting elections, deciding on cases, enforcing orders, facilitating settlements and investigating charges relating to workplaces and labor unions.


Citations (n.d.). Retrieved from

Taft-Hartley Act Overview. (2019, June 25). Retrieved from


Responses to the Posts from Colleagues
Good Day Julia,
I reviewed your post regarding NLRA, and I support your analysis of the topic. You are correct when you mentioned that employers exploited their employees before the enactment of NLRA. Their rights were recognized and given after their rights were protected through the law. I support your argument that employee rights were not accepted by those in power, and they introduced amendment through an Act. You are right that it was an effort to limit employee rights and union powers. I strongly agree with you that NLRB was formed in response to NLRA, which focuses on enforcement of orders, settling the issues and the investigation of charges against labor and employees. To my understanding, your post explai

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