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Discuss at least one issue in the section "Coming to Terms with Place" by examining in detail at least one text from the section. (Essay Sample)

Write an essay of at least 750 words (3 pages) in which you discuss at least one issue in the section "Coming to Terms with Place" by examining in detail at least one text from the section. Your essay has to be analytical in approach, so the majority of your essay cannot be just a summary of the text(s).Your thesis-driven essay has to include evidence from the text(s) you are analyzing in the form of direct quotes and paraphrase. While you can include your own evidence, you have to make sure that the focus of your essay is about the issue in the section and not about you. At the end of your essay write at least one healthy paragraph describing what you attempted to do in your essay and a description of your thinking process for coming up with the topic and approach the writing task ( a reflection of your writing process). Submit your essay by 11:30pm Monday 10/7. Essays submitted after 2am the following morning are considered late and will be penalized with loss of points. Upload your essay below as a MS Word Document. If you do not have MS Word, please save your document in rich text format (rtf) and upload it. Be sure to include a title for your essay and a paragraph of reflection and explanation. I will comment and give your essay a score according to a grading standard. In a week to ten days you will receive a notice and an email with your graded essay attached with comments in MS Word (or rtf) Track Changes. If you cannot open the attachment, contact me by email or message immediately so that I can send it to you in another format. Receiving and understanding my feedback is crucial to your development and progress. source..

Coming to terms with place
Making Observation
Observation entails an examination of phenomena in details before diagnosing, analyzing, and interpreting it according to how one views it. While making observations, one should use his/her senses in making a detailed explanation of an ordinary object and use the description in generating assumptions about the features as well as identity of the subject of observation.
Day & Murdoch (1993) argue that while exercising observation, one needs to put down note on the things that captures their attention first. Such phenomena have a lasting effect in the person`s impression towards that thing, especially a text. It is of much significance for one to react towards something they are observing before they begin its analysis, should it be a scenario, phenomenon or a text they are reading. This reaction enables them make their own inferences or conclusions while they are making an observation. When one goes through anything, especially when they are reading, they have with themselves a total of activities that define their experiences as well as their identity. In this case, the act of self definition is in terms of social class, gender, race, sexuality as well as a definition of oneself across a political opinion. This act of self definition enables one to acknowledge themselves as well as their perceived prejudices and self predispositions. This enables them to create a unique opinion about the subject of observation in this case.
After writing down the observations based...
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