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Compare Victor's Collegiate Experience To That Of A 21st Century Student (Essay Sample)


Write a 3 pages composition in which you incorporate direct quotes from Frankenstein, 2 legitimate outside sources, and your own opinion.


Compare victor's collegiate experience to that of a 21st century college student.
Victor Frankenstein the creator of the monster in “Frankenstein” made the monster and left it in his apartment, but he was unable to control the monster. While at the University of Ingolstadt, Victor experiments and makes the creature, which haunts him from then on. There are limits on what Victor activities could engage since college was almost exclusively focused on formal education. On the other hand, today’s students can engage in many extracurricular activities and there is a wide array of subjects to choose from. Thus, students can now choose from many different majors and participate in different activities unlike Victor Frankenstein’s experience.
Victor yearned to learn and experiment, and the studies were mainly in the few subjects including those he was introduced to by the father, but in 21st college education there are diverse subjects and broad subjects. Victor’s father had introduced him to the work of Cornelius Agrippa, but still insisted modern science was practical and Victor was only knowledgeable on the ancients. “If, instead of this remark, my father had taken the pains to explain to me that the principles of Agrippa had been entirely exploded and that a modern system of science had been introduced which possessed much greater powers than the ancient” (Shelley, 34).
Frankenstein did not study a specific major and did not participate in extracurricular activities as is common in today’s education in institutions of higher learning. It is more likely that Victor studied chemistry and he was self-taught, but there is no mention of his experience in university beyond class work and research (Johnson, 2018). On the contrary, to

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