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Black Lives Matter and Collective Memory. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Same topic with the other #00094731
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What I provide on the attachment is the instruction. Some of them is not on this topic. But you can check as a source. A source that you see. Is not a source writing on the paper. Stick with one topic which was the black lives matter. Same as the order #00094731. And you can use order #00094731 as a source too.


Unit 3: Civil Disobedience……………………… Supposedly, one of the most important reasons to study history is to ‘learn from our mistakes’ in order to ‘not repeat the past.’ But who can remember all the past? And even if I remember the past, does everyone remember it? Or maybe they remember it differently, as we’ve seen in the previous units. If memory is so unreliable, how can we rewrite it and revise it to get it right? In Unit 3, we’ll research methods of protest: in the streets, in the mind, on the page. Why are protestors often dismissed as ‘radical?’ Can reading or writing a poem be an act of protest? We’ll fight our preconceptions about citizenship as we investigate how and why the great problems of civilization keep recurring. Is progress possible? Karl Marx famously said, “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” Maybe protest is the only way to fight the farce of history. We’ll further develop the research skills we used in Unit 2 to figure out why humanity is so stubborn and slow, tripping over its own feet, in its quest to achieve social justice. GOALS: - Learn how to effectively utilize the library’s resources. - Learn to interact with and wade through many sources. - Effectively quote and paraphrase. - Identify primary and secondary sources. - How to make associations and draw connections across time and ideas. ASSIGNMENT: - Choose one of the Unit 3 materials & draw a connection to one of the concepts discussed in our class, such as Collective Memory, Selective Memory, Emotional Truth, Event vs Artifice, etc. - How does the protest engage with this concept as well as its social justice issue? Why has the protestor or protestors chosen this form for their protest. - Identify what has changed and what has stayed the same in relation to this movement. - Thoroughly read and investigate many types of sources: scholarly articles, newspapers, books, documentaries. - 1250-1450 words DUE DATES: - Pre-Writing 11.20 - Global Draft 12.2 - Revised Draft & Works Cited 12.4 TOPIC LIST: - Act Up - AIDS advocacy group - Arab Spring - youth driven revolution across many Middle Eastern countries - Black Power Movement - Angela Davis, Stokely Carmichael, & more - Women’s March on Washington - 2017 - Stonewall Riots - 1960s LGBTQ uprising - Standing Rock - recent Native American activism - Occupy Wall Street - financial reform - Women’s Suffrage Parade - 1913 - Edward Snowden - protesting surveillance - Take Back the Night - protesting violence against women - Battle of Orgreave - UK miners’ strike, workers' rights - Montgomery Bus Boycott - 1955 - Black Lives Matter - 2012-present - Tea Party - 2000s conservative movement - Adbusters - Corporate America protest - Wikileaks - revealing intelligence secrets, protest through chaos


Form - Document - Boston tea party. Dump tea - Tea party - Movement - Dress as colonists - Picketing - Occupy Wall Street Community - Colonists - Right - Mostly white - Conservatives - Mostly middle age - Virbertarian - Left - Mostly young people - Middle + Low - Diverse - College educated Trauma - Taxation w/o Rep - Too high tax - Less Government involvement - Income inequality - Debt Reclaim (Goal) / What? - Rep in British Parl - Back to constitution less? Pending lower taxes - Economic - Freedom - Less wall ST corruption Effective? - No BC no Rep - Yes BC —> independence - A wariness - ⬆Min Wage - Debt⬆,more Ed.(higher) Collective - Memory - Emotional truth - Artificer Actual


Black Lives Matter and Collective Memory
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Black Lives Matter and Collective Memory
Does the Black Lives Matter (BLM) help minorities to get freedom in the United States of America (USA)? The formation of this social movement was supported by many Americans who felt as if they had no place in the country even after it got independence. There is some truth in Karl Marx’s words that history usually repeats itself as a farce or tragedy. The BLM can only be classified as a farce by the dominant white race who believe that African Americans should appreciate what they are given or how they are handled in contemporary society without complaints. However, it would be awkward to forget that black people are American citizens and that their skin color does not make them lesser than their white counterparts. In reality, were it not for the BLM street protests and renowned hashtag, maybe many people would not have known its existence. Collective memory enabled minorities to unite, and they established the BLM, a movement of black people’s activism, whose primary objective is to fight for the rights of African Americans through street protests to ensure that they are treated in the same way as their white counterparts.

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