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Code Of Ethics: How It Is Socialized In The Company (Essay Sample)


Unit IVEssay
In this unit, you examined business ethics. For this assignment, you will further explore that topic. Find a code of ethics, preferably from the firm that you selected in Unit I. Compose an essay that defines ethics and a code of ethics based on what you have learned in this unit and what you have read in the codes of ethics you found. Your essay should meet the criteria below.
1. Summarize the code of ethics you found.
2. Explain how it is socialized in the company.
3. Evaluate the importance of ethical decision-making. How does the code of ethics influence the organization?
4. Infer how codes of ethics are influenced by utilitarianism.
5. Summarize the relationship between ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR).
Your essay must be at least two pages in length. It should include an introduction, a clear thesis statement, and a
conclusion. You must use at least two academic sources, and any information from outside sources should be cited in APA format.
The textbook is Course Textbook(s)


Code of Ethics
Author Name
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These days, companies have their distinctive codes of ethics and intend to come up the expectations of their customers as well as employees. Just like various other firms, PepsiCo believes that everyone needs to promote and practice ethical behavior, and that integrity and honesty foster an excellent work environment that can strengthen the confidence and performance of all stakeholders and employees (Ferrell, Thorne, & Ferrell, 2016). The company aims to provide its workers with the friendly atmosphere, and they are not pressurized unnecessarily. PepsiCo's code of ethics addresses ethical conduct in its work environment, relationships with stakeholders and employees, and business practices. It stresses on the use of polite words when it comes to dealing employees, and the management expects extraordinary performance from their workers in return to a good salary package and friendly work environment (Shaw, 2017).
How it is socialized in the company?
This code of ethics is all about behavior; the employees and the manager work side by side and they give respect to each other. Ethical manager leaders are responsible for taking the decisions, and keep their workers from official decisions or confidential matters. PepsiCo aims to steer the thinking and actions toward sustaining and creating an ethical workplace culture. Managers and employees are often invited to explore how behavioral standards, actions, and values help steer the organizational behavior (Parboteeah & Cullen, 2018).
The importance of ethical decision-making
Ethical decision-making is important for the betterment and prosperity of an organization. Generally, it explains how employees should behav

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