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CNX247 Essay: Understanding “The Good Wife” (Essay Sample)


Which essay sheds light on The Good Wife? Give a pointed summary of the essay's argument, and then explain how it enhances your understanding of one episode.
For this essay you have to watch The Good Wife, Season 1, episodes 8, "Unprepared" and 18, "Doubt"

Name: Instructor: Institution: Date: Understanding “The Good Wife” Introduction “The Good Wife” revolves around a woman who has to go through the difficulties of life to ensure her family gets the best. Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) who is a lawyer, mother, wife, lover, and a friend to many people fits the description of the title of the series. Her life becomes more entangled when her husband; Peter (Chris Noth) is sent to prison after being confronted with sex and corruption scandals. Nevertheless, her responsibilities become more demanding when Peter wins the gubernatorial position. The CNX247 essay provides a good analysis of this series by providing great insight into episode 8 and 18 of the fist season. This essay seeks to summarize the contents of episode 8 from the CNX247 essay. Furthermore, the essay will illustrate how episode 8 from the CNX247 essay enhances my understanding of this episode. Summary of episode 8 from the CNX247 essay According to Brooks and Gerwirtz, the legal justice system is a product of the never-ending drama and interpretation of teleological rules. CNX247 essay provides how various articles have enhanced the understanding of episode 8 and episode 18 of the first season of “The Good Wife.” Comparing the two analyses, the analysis on episode 8 seems to be more catching than the one on episode 18. The author clearly indicates that the episode maintains a clear balance between the main issues present in episode 8. For sure, balance exists between Julianne representing the accused technician in court and whether to testify in her husband bail appeal. The balance of events in a film enhances the comprehension of complex scenes in it. Since Julianne is not open about her struggles. Furthermore, the essay mentions the importance of the relationship that exists between the events that occur in that episode. Just like the Bobby Seale trial for instance (Brooks & Gewirtz, 1996) where the defendant in the Gabriel rebellion case refused to participate in the trial; Julianne can decide not to testify in her husband bail case because he embarrassed her; this can be her way of revenge. However, if she decides to testify, her husband will be released on bail. Impact on my understanding While watching episode 8, the eyes might see what is physically present but the brain capture what is hidden between the lines. It requires the use of our brains more than our eyes to understand the real life situation in the series.It illustrates how random the incidences in life are,and how one can effectively get his or her life flipped over in a blink of an eye(Brooks & Gewirtz, 1996). Consequently, that is how this essay impacted on my understanding of episode 8. More so, the references provided in the essay regarding episode 8 support what exists in the episode. This enhances the grasping of any critical statements that I missed whil...
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