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Writing Assignment 3 About Climate Affects Economic Activities (Essay Sample)


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“First, while climate change may conceivably lead to a host of negative security outcomes will only consider the risk of armed conflict here (Buhaug, 2016 331-332)”. Since climate affects economic activities, those who rely on the agricultural sector are disproportionately affected further resulting in socioeconomic vulnerability (Giannini et al., 2017). One of the challenges in climate change action and policies is the lack of political consensus on the importance of mitigating efforts and supporting sustainability (Lockwood, 2013). Mitigation efforts ought to improve sustainability is beneficial in reducing the adverse effects of climate change.
Because climate change affects pollination, there is a direct impact on crop production as this result in food insecurity especially among the poorer populations affected by price changes (Giannini et al., 2017). While climate change can cause conflicts even climate adaptation may worsen tension and yet few researchers looks into the link between the two (Abraham & Carr 2017). Climate change is long-term and there is a need to consider context when evaluating impact on the communities and the environment. According to Seter (2016) “communal conflict has also been suggested as the result of loss of income from agricultural production mechanism.” This highlights that economic hardship and failure to address sustainability.
Decision making on climate change will most likely be effective when there is synthesized research on sustainability emphasizing various ways to achieve this. Innovation and responsibility are important to the success of climate change interventions, including the use of renewable energy sources. Nonetheless, the lack of consensus on the way forward affects the ability of policy makers making meaningful changes. This is further worsened when there are conflicts associated with the fight over scarce resources References
Abrahams, D., & Carr, E. R. (2017). Understanding the Connections Between Climate Change and Conflict: Contributions From Geography and Political Ecology. Current Climate Change Reports, 1-10.
Buhaug, H. (2016). Climate Change and Conflict: Taking Stock. Peace Economics, Peace Scienc...
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