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The Classic Sci-Fi Blade Runner 2049 (Essay Sample)

  1. What exactly is a Replicant, and how do they function the future outlined by Blade Runner.
  2. What exactly is a Blade Runner, and why must they retire Replicants?
  3. Why can’t a replicant visit Earth under penalty of death? Why are their deaths referred to as retirement?
  4. What types of jobs were the Replicants given?
  5. Why make Replicants as smart as the genetic engineers who designed them?
  6. Why do people want to leave Earth?
  7. What is a memory, and why is it important to human beings?
  8. Why is Rachel given false memories?
  9. What are the consequences to her?
  10. How can Rachel not know that she is a Replicant?
  11. What does this line mean: “Replicants weren’t supposed to have feelings, neither were Blade Runners?” Deckard, like Replicants he hunts, has lost his humanity; humanity being located in empathy? How does empathy function in Blade Runner?
  12. Deckard at home at the piano that also is covered in photographs, are these fake photographs supplied by Tyrell?
  13. What is the function of the Unicorn in Deckard’s dream? Androids wouldn’t need symbols and mythologies to unite their Unconscious minds unless they were more than the sum of their parts?
  14. Deckard is not a hero because he shoots an unarmed Zhora in the back, and Pris is also unarmed when she is killed. Roy states: “I thought you were a good man?”
  15. What is the relationship between photographs and memory as established in the future outlined by Blade Runner?
  16. Why would Replicants need photographs? Does this need to confirm their humanity?
  17. Deckard shoots an un-armed Zhora in the back, twice, killing her in a grizzly fashion; he also kills an unarmed Pris in a parallel fashion. Roy Batty taunts Deckard, asking why he is so unsportman-like. Suggesting a parallel with hunting animals for sport.
  18. Roy Batty lines: “That’s the spirit! That Hurt! That was irrational of you. Six, Seven, go to Hell or go to Heaven?”
  19. As Deckard lets go rooftop ledge, Roy grabs him and says “Kinship,” suggesting that he knows Deckard is a Replicant.
  20. Gaff: “You’ve done a man’s job, sir. I guess you’re through, huh?”
  21. Gaff wouldn’t have known of Deckard’s unicorn dream unless he knew it was an implant.
  22. Within the context of the film, does Deckard suspect that he is a Replicant?

The Classic Sci-Fi Blade Runner 2049
Blade Runner is an exceptional sequel to the 1982 primitive film where the blade runner unmasks a mystery that would compel a conflict amidst the humans and replicants. The uprising commences in the off-world and replicants are off to eradicate humans.
A replicant is primarily a bioengineered android indistinguishable from a human. However, the android seems to be predominant in all mannerisms in terms of brute force, intelligence, and momentum. They operate in the future by obliging to humans as an incentive in the off-world. A blade runner is an agent tasked with eliminating or ‘retiring' replicants. Due to the uprising, replicants are conceded forbidden on earth but are always trying to wind up in the earth. A replicant under penalty of death cannot encounter earth since a task force was specifically designed to annihilate them.
Retirement amidst the replicants implies they are objectified. Moreover, the killing of an artificial human symbolizes emotional attachment. The replicants are fabricated to wield on labor duties that humans term to be distressing. Tyrell company still consummated from replicants by retailing them and kept on aspiring to enhance their genetics in order to actualize their motto ‘more human than human'. Consequently, replicants succeeding the uprising embarked on killing humans. The world had grown into a zone of trivial empathy and supreme technology so humans sought to move to a better place. Memory refers to the capacity to contain information and is essential to humans while it gives us the capability to learn and adapt from past relationships

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