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CJS 6125 Annotated Bibliography and Thesis Statement (Essay Sample)


  • Assignment # 2: 250-word overview on paper topic

    • 10% of Course Grade (Due week 2 on Sunday January 20, 2019 @ 11:59 PM EST)

  • CO3: Clearly and concisely create a variety of professionally written products.

    • This assignment requires you to prepare a 250-word response which indicates the overall topic you would like to write the final paper on.



  • The approximate word limitation is designed to refine your ability to write clearly and concisely.


  • The specific topic remains your choice, subject to my general concurrence. Areas which are not acceptable include:


  • Domestic law enforcement challenges


  • Homeland security issues

  • Your Assignment MUST Include the following:

  • A statement specifically indicating the area you want to write on;

  • Why this is relevant to U.S. national security?

  • Where you believe your research will come from; is it quantitative, qualitative or mixed?

  • Any challenges or issues you anticipate in research and/or writing? 

  • Possible topics:

  • North Korean nuclear efforts

  • Iranian nuclear efforts

  • China’s efforts in the South China Sea

  • Russian exterritorial aggression

  • Russian use of cyber

  • Arctic warming  

  • Transnational criminal organizations

  • US interests in Syria

  • Possible resources: (individual or combined)

  • Diplomacy

  • Information

  • Military

  • Economic sanctions and incentives

  • Financial sanctions and incentives

  • Intelligence

  • Law Enforcement


  • Format:

  • Arial font, size 12 text

  • Single spaced.

  • 1” margins

  • APA format on any references

  • Please have your name (last, first) and subject in the upper left corner.





Annotated Bibliography
Author Name
Institution Affiliation
Thesis Statement
Communication technology has facilitated the event, anti-terror initiatives aim to achieve the best outcomes in addressing the problem.
Annotated Bibliography
Wolf, J., B. (1989). Antiterrorist Initiatives. New York, NY: Plenum Press.
According to the information provided in this article, a number of anti-terrorist activities have been started, and governments, intelligence and law enforcement agencies, and businesses are taking a keen interest in these initiatives as they want to bring the problem of terrorism to an end.

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