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CHS200 Module 4,5,6 Question (Essay Sample)

Module4 Threaded Discussion Visual Fallacies Let's take a multi-media approach to this week's TD forum. Let's discuss visual fallacies. Check out this link and the description of an advertisement. Read through this advertisement and share your thoughts on how one sub-consciously or consciously makes sense of advertisements, in general and about this one in particular. Thinking about the types of fallacies that we have been discussing so far, how would you categorize this fallacy, and why? http://plato(dot)stanford(dot)edu/entries/logic-informal/#Two Module5 Threaded Discussion Does this make sense to you? Given the concepts that we learned in this module, can you recall a situation in which you held an opinion that you previously did not question, but later realized that the argument that you made was based largely on assumptions about culture or social conditions? Did you question your set of beliefs afterward? Explain briefly. Module6 Threaded Discussion Application of Course Concepts to Profession Given the readings and assignments in the course, identify and briefly discuss two important concepts applicable to your professional discipline. source..

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(16, November, 2010)
CHS200 Module 4,5,6 Question
Fallacy has been thought as an erroneous, deceptive idea or view based on imprecise information or illogical way of thinking. In the visual vodka advertisement, dubbed "Just Add Vodka" a bottle of vodka is seen to release its content around a city late in the evening. It is apparent that the city surroundings`` are in state of dormancy. But the light in those tall buildings indicate life is going on full of activities.
What the advertisement implies is that when one takes vodka, he will be full of energy thus engage in activities leading to a happy life. The assumpti...
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