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Christopher McCandless and Timothy Treadwell (Essay Sample)

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“Your research paper is a collaboration between you and your sources. To be fair and ethical, you must acknowledge debt to the writers of those sources.  If you don’t, you commit plagiarism, a serious academic offense” (Hacker).

 “You commit plagiarism if you half-copy the author’s sentences—either by mixing the author’s phrases with your own without quotation marks or by plugging your synonyms into the author’s sentence structure” (Hacker 109).


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Chris McCandless
In today’s world, technology has taken center stage and everyone wants to be a part of the changes the world is making. Staying away from the internet for a week often feels like one has taken a lifetime away from civilization. The world moves at a fast pace and continues to do so even as people take time off their schedules to explore and get in touch with nature. Currently, it is impossible to think or picture the world without the technological developments people enjoy. Technology has become part of or an extension of mankind and it is incredibly difficult to picture humanity in a world without technology. However, there are individuals who refuse to be caught up in the technology frenzy. These people take paths that are contradictory to what humanity considers normal. They journey and spend their time connecting with nature trying to find themselves. One such person is Christopher McCandless who went against the norm and gave up his life to step into the wilderness. Chris was determined to find himself in the wilderness and connect with nature at the same time. However, things did not work out as he planned because he died after 112 days in the wilderness. Even though he died in less than four months, Chris had found a way into the wilderness and connected with nature in ways no other man had done. So, Chris does set precedence and his journey does serve as a model for how takers should become leavers. However, this article seeks to showcase that Ishmael would endorse the decision Chris made to become a leaver but criticize his approach while endorsing that of Timothy Treadwell.
Background of Christopher McCandless and Timothy Treadwell
Chris McCandless
The story of Christopher McCandless has been told and retold for years now with people taking different sides. In some people’s eyes, Chris had everything he wanted. He had a family, he had received education, and was on course to have a great life after graduating from Emory University. However, Chris decided he wanted something different. His idea of having it all meant finding himself and finding freedom free from what humanity considers normal. Chris wanted to break the barriers of what is considered normal. He did not want a life that was already set out for him – go to school, finish school, get a job, get a family. This to him was cliché living and he sought for something different and more satisfying than this life. The societal trappings of life in the developed and developing nations make for a troublesome experience in life. So, Chris sort for a way out. Full of courage and with his mindset, Chris decided to break these societal barriers. Chris knew he did not have control over time, but, he set out to control how he lived his life which was quite bold and stupid at the same time as it will be explained later. Chris did not live a long life but achieved what many will not in their long lives.
Timothy Treadwell
Treadwell is often referred to as the “grizzly man.” His desire to be one with the environment led him to the Katmai National Park in Alaska. He was passionate about the environment and desired to live a life in the wild. As indicated by Serena (np), writes of how Treadwell camped in Alaska connecting with the wild until his death in 2003. “For 13 summers in a row, he would camp along the Katmai Coast, an area of Alaska well known for its large grizzly bear population.” Treadwell was not afraid of the bears. He sought connection with them and this often meant that he would try to get personal with them. “While camping, Treadwell would get up close and personal with the bears, and film all of the interactions on his video camera.&...

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