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Gender stereotype depicted in the drama 'Mulan'. Literature Essay (Essay Sample)


It is the image of a Chinese woman reflected in Mulan’s TV series. From the very beginning, normal is considered to be a man’s accessory. It has changed a lot but it has not changed completely. It is relatively conservative.


Gender stereotype depicted in the drama 'Mulan'.
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Gender stereotype depicted in the drama 'Mulan'.
Every society and religion has roles, rules and regulations that are able to lead people in their daily lives. The Chinese culture has set roles based on gender that are set for everyone according to the film 'Mulan'. gender discrimination in China keeps changing, as well as people’s consciousness; females become stronger and have the same rights as males do as people’s consciousnesses continue to change. In the 21st century everything has changed and there is minimal gender biasness in societies. All men and women are seen as equal and having the same rights and duties.
The film 'Mulan' is an interesting film that portrays roles of women and men that have been stereotyped, genders roles that are socialized and the consequences that one faces if the gender roles are disobeyed. In the Chinese society, the men and women have roles that are set for them to follow. In the film, we see all men and women adhering to the roles set to them. A particular girl from a certain family known as Mulan went against the roles set and chose to do what was right according to her. She made a brave step in leaving her family to fight for peace of her country by pretending to be a man. Only men were allowed to fight in wars. Knowing that she was not going to be allowed to participate in war she chose to pretend to be a man. She chose to go to war against the Huns who had attacked China instead of her father going. She knew if she was caught she would face serious consequences. She went against the rule set of socialization of gender roles.

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