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Children's Responses to Scenarios (Essay Sample)

Discuss the following with at least two different school age children, at different ages (between 6 and 12 years). Write down the children's responses to each scenario. Describe the children's responses, their conversation with you and their logical reasoning about the scenarios. Please see attachment to complete assignment. source..

Children’s Responses to Scenarios
Professor Name:
(March 18, 2012)

Children’s Response to Scenarios
A child is generally a minor person who is younger than the age of the majority that is below six years of age. A six year old child needs awareness and decision is generally influenced by the experiences and other environmental factors surrounding him or her. At twelve years the child transits from childhood into a teenage world and tend to be more confident and less worried about his or her decision.
Scenario one is when a friend’s sister shoplifts of a candy bar from a corner store. When I asked a six year old, he said, “report to daddy or mummy”, “why” I asked. “Daddy said that taking someone else things without permission is not good.” He answered. Still in his development stage, the child recognizes the fact of acquiring someone else item without his consent as bad or illegal.
When I asked a twelve year old the question, he said, “You should keep silent.” “Why” I asked. “Because it’s not a big deal, shoplifting is a stage that teens undergo and some are pressured by their peers.” He answered. The contributing reasons for him to say that is the combination of poor control and adolescent vulnerability that distinguishes the preteen’s years.
Scenario two, when a friend’s little sister not included to play in a game. I asked the six year old, he said, “you should play with her.” “Why” I asked. “Because my mum says that we should all play together as friends.” He answered. A six year old displays an increasing awareness, that he sees everyon...
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