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Childhood Obisety (Essay Sample)

I will need 10 sources. and for each soruce i need a brief explination about it. NO MORE THAN 4 WEB SOURCES. 6 sources from books. for every source there must be qoute or pharaphrase or picture or chart which explains the source. *** There will be 3 attachments explaining everything in detail sent to \"Amanda\" whos assesting me on the online chat right now*** 7 pages for the paper and 1-2 pages for annotated bibliography source..
Childhood Obesity Name Institution Literature and Language 15th November 2011 Abstract Childhood obesity has become one of the major health challenges in the 21st century. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) (2011), the condition is global and is steadily creeping into the developing countries especially those in urban settings. This paper proposes a research in this area to determine the causes, symptoms, risks, diagnosis and control of the disease. The prospectus below and the annotated bibliography give an outline of what is to be expected in the research paper. Childhood Obesity Prospectus According to the WHO (2011), childhood obesity is a condition where a child has a high fat percentage than is considered normal for children of the child`s age and gender. This is about 20% or more of body fat. Childhood obesity persists to adulthood and exposes the individual to health complications such as stroke, heart attack, hypertension, diabetes and other coronary heart diseases. It is believed that a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet are the major causes of obesity. However, there are also claims that some cases of obesity are hereditary. Furthermore, there isn`t much information documented about childhood obesity as compared to obesity in adults. The proposed research paper therefore seeks to bridge this gap by defining childhood obesity since there is no clear definition. It will then give a critical analysis to the causes, prevalence, health risks and control measures for childhood obesity. The paper seeks to establish whether childhood obesity is actually a function of poor diet leading to ingestion of excessive calories, which accumulate in the body as fat. It will further analyze the argument by proving that a sedentary lifestyle, which is adopted by families of most affected children, plays a significant role in advancing the adversities of obesity. It will also seek to certify that by being inactive, the excess calories consumed are not burned out; therefore they are metabolized into fat and stored under the skin as adipose tissue, a precursor of obesity. Lastly, the paper seeks to come to a conclusion; using verifiable facts, as to whether or not childhood obesity can be controlled by a total lifestyle change. To fulfill this quest, the paper will draw information from the sources listed below. Annotated Bibliography Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. (2011). Childhood Obesity Facts. Retrieved on 7th Nov. 2011from /healthyyouth/obesity/facts.htm CDC, a U.S based health watchdog, provides a suitable resource for this research work. It gives some causes of obesity such a early weaning, overconsumption of calories and a sedentary lifestyle. It then gives its effects on the child`s health. These effects are divided into two; short term and long-term effects. Lastly, it gives the preventive measures that can be employed to curb the menace such as eating a healthy diet and encouraging the children to be active in their daily lifestyles. The credibility of this article is assured by the fact that it draws from other researches, which have been properly cited in the article. Secondly, it has been published by a trusted, accredited health research institute. Some quick facts on obesity: has tripled in the last 3 decades, it is a result of caloric imbalance, the percentage of obese children in the U.S aged 6-11 rose from 7% in 1980 to almost 20% in 2008 while that of obese adolescents rose from 5% to 18% (CDC, 2011). This article combines a detailed overview of causes, control and prevention. It will therefore be used as a good material for literature review in the essay. Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons, Committee of Public A...
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